Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Immigration and Higher education

The Obama administration has turned a blind eye to higher educations willful disregard and abuse of immigration laws. Students enter the USA on F1 visas and frequently do not attend a single class and then marry a US Citizen.

There has been plenty of discussion about business and illegal aliens. Many of us are outraged at a time of scarce jobs fed by a disastrous Obama Care blunders companies continue to hire illegal workers. The jobs aren't great jobs but in a train wreck economy thanks to his arrogance one needs two bad jobs that don't exist instead of one due to part time employment.

There has been zero discussion on the liability of higher ed for students that do not show up. Joke language mills and test prep courses also are frequent routes of scams. Making these mills and Universities liable for students who skip out would bankrupt shady scam education mills and provide a benefit to the consumer.

Watched Tour of Duty Episode 44.  The show is interesting despite its cliches. It was a show that fed a generation of youths disgusted with the abuse of Vietnam Veterans by the media and leftist vermin classic stereotypes. Yes there were soldiers on drugs. There were plenty of radicals also on drugs and committing crimes that had nothing to do with Vietnam. Oddly we see this in Forrest Gump where a retarded drug abusing leftist abuses his girlfriend and blames Vietnam. Of course the slow Forrest Gump beats up the leftist moron in the highlight of the film. Leave it to the folks at Hollywood to not get the meaning of that gem.

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