Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Very Odd

The local newspapers did not list which group the members of the Chasidic couple who passed away belonged to.Tthis couple tragically died on the way to the hospital for prenatal care. It is a sad tragedy because according to media accounts this was the rare mensch in a community of jerks.

The Satmar Rebbe and his followers remain pariahs for various reasons. Their clown like leaders can go to hell. I am familiar with their tradition of visiting sick people in the hospital. I hope that if I ever end up in the hospital God should call me to the afterlife before one of their flock fouls my day with their presence.

The community has gotten away with too much gross behavior. It is time that the rest of the Jewish community hold the vile cultists accountable for their scandalous behavior. Gov Cuomo needs to send his investigators to Kirias Joel and crack down on welfare fraud and stop property tax scams used by this cult.

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