Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Immigration and Gays

Right now the immigration reform bills are being bogged down by the least toxic part of it the gay marriage bit. I am not troubled by extending benefits in states that recognize gay marriage to gays. I am more vexed by failure to close many familiar immigration scams. The H2B program where workers take seasonal jobs low paid low skill jobs needs to go. Students who arrive and don't set foot on a campus need to go. Making the schools liable or post a bond would go a long way to eliminating this fraud. Elimination of student visas for language mills and test preparation classes.

The administration also needs to crack down on frivolous filings. People who file without an attorney should be charged extra. People who file second and third applications should also be charged extra.
The fee should be an extra 10% for each additional filing. No fee waivers for citizenship unless the person is in the active duty military.

The government also needs to crack down on unlicensed preparers who frequently charge more money then competent lawyers. Anyone who thinks that these unlicensed preparers are more honest or skilled then attorneys should be certified insane. There are bad attorneys, but the odds you will get ripped off by these agencies who are clueless is far greater.


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