Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Violence is not the answer

My daughter wanted to know if that was me in the old film The Viking. I explained that I only pick up knives and swords if there is some form of deli meat and mustard are involved. Solving your personal problems with swords or weaponry is not a good idea, unless your name is Mr. Beamish.

 Example I can't find a parking space and drive around for hours. Mr. Beamish takes out a LAW rocket and the nearest SAAB and creates one. Unless you wear a gasmask and define cool solving problems with violence does not work for the rest of us.


Pick the right answer and you might be a Dude


Your favorite NFL team is playing. Your friend has drank the last beer and it is the fourth quarter.

A) You watch the game with no alcohol.
B) Chuck your friend out the door and tell him to get the beer.
C) Switch to Hard Liquor.
D) Change the channel
E) Get new friends

Answers Explained

A) You are a nice guy and you will finish last in life.
B) Only Cool if your name is Mr. Beamish. If not you are a thug.
C) You are a Dude
D) You are a nerd and lose your man card
E) You are a creep

Tune in next week for more Dudeology
Unless you are Mr. Beamish and define cool, being a dude is the best for everyone else


Ducky's here said...

Are you and Beamish "a couple"?

Rumors are you were house hunting in P-town.

beakerkin said...

More gay innuendo from a commie. The larger then life Beamish persona lends
itself to humor in ways you can only aspire to.

beamish said...


I've told you before. If you want to troll for your fellow gays, you need to get to CPAC.

beamish said...


I don't drink! Seriously... I partake maybe 2 - 3 times a year, and haven't since the office Christmas party a few months ago. Heck, my brother was in town for the holidays then and 7 of 12 beers from a 12 pack are STILL in my fridge (my brother drank the other 5)