Friday, March 22, 2013

Found it

I am guilty of wearing a pair of shoes till the last possible second. Usually my niece will hide the pair or throw them away when I am not looking. The current pair served me for three years. Unfortunately, they developed huge holes so that when it rains the socks get wet. The cushion wore out long ago.

I only wear Rockport or SAS and in an emergency Bostonian. Unfortunately, the place where I bought my shoes went out of business in the Obama economic mess. It is painful when I go to a store and an told my size doesn't exist.

I walked into a shoe store not far from where I work and found an old school shoe man. I saw my old model on the wall I have been wearing for 20 years and was told do you want that in double wide. I was told they stopped making that size. Apparently, the lesser stores lie to customers to make a sale. I was told if they didn't have it they would order it.

A quick trip to the back and there it was my old model that I haven't seen in almost seven years. I have been wearing it as far back as the 1990s. When I can't get it I wear a similar Rockport model. I still have a white Rockport model. However, one of the management nepotistic bozos thinks it looks too much like a sneaker. I wear them only on icy or rainy days. I pointed out that Rockport does not sell sneakers. Those would be sold under the Reebok label. However, as this person is a know it all and is not even my boss she makes a federal case out of everything.

I was trained to wear Rockports as a young student. The podiatrist told me I could have my toes broken so I could wear regular shoes or simply just wear high quality footwear. Rather then endure painful corns on both feet I switched brands and no problems for 20 years. Oddly the same disorders that cause the foot pain actually causes me to be very balanced. If my feet were broken it would entail
month in a cast one at a time and learning to walk again.

My father uses only SAS shoe and my podiatrist informed me that the particular model is as good if not better for the conditions that ail me. I can't always find my model hence the odd Rockport. In fact I usually don't even ask as they are not sold all over the place.

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Always On Watch said...

I had to start wearing SAS shoes (oxford and sandals style) after the 2005 car accident that permanently damaged my back. Expensive shoes, but they last forever!