Saturday, March 16, 2013


One of the oddities of the work I do is meeting people from different countries. Once again an old picture of me was mistaken for Tony Curtis. I find it odd that that image is seen so much in my office but at the time the comparison was usually to Christopher Reeves.

I am amazed at how well Tony Curtis is remembered in Hungary. Normally, Jews from Europe are remembered separately. This was not the case with Curtis who was remembered as a native son. In America we think of him as Bernie from the Bronx who grew up in a broken home and rose to fame and slept with everything.

The resemblance is strong enough my daughter asked if that was me with Fred Flintstone. At least I was not mistaken for Kazoo.

I did hear from older people I have met about the TV series the Persuaders. It is still remembered fondly by many. I took in an episode and Curtis is hysterical and a perfect foil to Moore's more Simon Templarish stoic role.

I will try and locate his books.

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