Friday, March 15, 2013


I am somewhat annoyed at a friend who has fallen down. She went to training to learn a trade and as soon as she graduated ditched her husband. She started with a new boyfriend who promised her the moon.

The jobs promised by the trade school never materialized. Her plans back fired when her husband got tired of the infidelity and tossed her out. She rarely if ever sees her children and is upset about it. Her husband's mother is raising the kids.

She is broken and depressed and has not had a job interview for months. Being a decent guy, I called up an old friend who runs a warehouse about 90 minutes commute by public transportation and arranged a job. At the last minute she backed out and said the travel is too far. I pointed out I left home for three years and went 300 miles to find work.

The truth is some people just don't want to work. There is nothing wrong with working in a factory. I would rather do that then work in a fast food outlet. The only job worse then a bad job is no job.

I also reminded this person not to ask me for help or bend my ear. I understand how hard unemployment is. I would have done almost anything for even a menial job just to get out of the house.
Even a failed job interview would have been welcome just to get out and do something.

In life there simply are stupid losers. Leaving a spouse with no plans is stupid. Sitting on the couch and talking to friends on the cell phone when a job is offered is stupid. Helping people who refuse to help themselves is stupid.

There are limits to my stupidity. No more enabling stupid people for me.


Always On Watch said...

She has a sense of entitlement to a "good job"?

beakerkin said...

In this economy you take what you can get. In her case not having an interview in six months should have warned her.