Monday, August 30, 2010

The failure of the MSM

Of course the MSM sent its lackeys out to cover an alleged indecent of intolerance by the Mosque protesters. Yet a video of Commies agitating and exhorting violence in support of the mosque will not make the MSM. The Duck will feign ignorance that this is rhetorical violence. However, those of us familiar with commies grasp that they want Muslims to do their dirty work.

Sadly, I have a career and can not participate in a riot. It would be much more fun if commies would do their own dirty work and we could have Hard Hat Riots Act 2.

The video is more proof of why commies should not be allowed into any group even when they purport to agree. They are not discussing principles ala Bloomberg. They are trying to whip up a street fight and have Muslims do their dirty work.

Maybe when Obama is thrown out this country will get serious about political criminality from the left.


Ducky's here said...

Well, there have been demonstrations against mosques across the country.

The mosque in Murfreesboro was partially burned down by the combination of Giuliani Republicans and Kahanist filth protesting there.

Everyone knows what's going on here. You've got a group of right wing filth under the control of AIPAC who march to Pam Geller and Robert Spencer, dumb and dumber.

You're a lousy little bigot, Officer Paper Pusher. Go fill out the forms and be prod to strut your stupidity and hatred. Say Hi to your hero "The Doctor Is A Friend" Yeagley.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, why isn't this being reported here man, sounds like your brother moved to the West Bank.

Ooops they're at it again. These are the guys that don't work and just sit around collecting welfare checks courtesy of the American tax payer. Time to close the money spigot on these leeches.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, I couldn't help but think of you here's a news outlet that got it right.

beakerkin said...

Once again the bird brained Duck forgets that Yeagley himself calls me the leader of the Beakerkin group of Anti Yeaglist sexual liberals. Obviously commies can not read or posses rational thought.

How many antisemitic statements did you pack in this time. The Pseodostinians have the welfare bit raised for generations because
commies need to stoke populist jooo hatred

beamish said...

As all good leftists do, Muslims hate Jews.

What other reason does Ducky find solidarity with them? It's not for their progressive ideology, any moves on women's and faggot rights, environmentalism, or even any kind of collective bargaining in labor.

Muslims hate Jews, thus fulfill the number one prerequisite of leftist affection.