Thursday, August 05, 2010

Immigrants who get it and Americans who don't

I grow more impressed with writings of Amil Imani. He has grown over the time that I have known him and embodies the spirit of Americanism. At another site he was frequently attacked as a foreigner, but he understands our values and bounties in a way that only someone who has lived in
a society that lacked them can. Amil correctly points out that the Persians were more tolerant and enlightened than portrayed in film, conventional history and the rouge current regime. FYI the current nut job running Iran is an Azeri.

Likewise the Communist Duck who pretends he is egalitarian is an exponent of totalitarian ponzi scams with great PR. He talks of great health care in Cuba but fails to grasp that GITMO has better health care, food and freedom to read whatever you wish. The Duck pretends that a rouge crack addict who was caught aiding narco terrorists is some sort of victim. He is about as bigoted as the Cartoon Comanche he mocks. Lets see the person he mocks frequently calls Obama a negro and the Duck calls Condi Rice Aunt Jemimah. He mocks Christians obsessed with gays and outs Yeagley based on what???? Of course Muslims that kill gays and use the official legal system to punish gays are peachy but Pat Robertson is the ultimate evil.

There is nothing American about the bird brained duck. The Duck teaches doodling and looks askance upon the working man who needs to be led like farm animals by his betters. Sorry, but the working man does not need bug eyed cultists to speak for them. No doubt the Duck forgets that a typical street cop has extensive legal training which is more complicated than doodling.
Your average clod in customs has to deal with pages of rules and regulations. If anything their job requires more skill than doodlers. Those who can doodle do and those who can't doodle teach doodling.

One need not even be a citizen to grasp our spirit.

If you believe in the following you get it.

1) Individualism in spirit and rights
2) Merit
3) Respect for property rights
4) Secular law
5) Respect for the populace
6) Respect for the vision of the founding fathers all are equal under the law

The Duck fails on point 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and we can debate his views on 4. Marxism is not a coherent philosophy, but is in fact a seditious cult.

To those foreign readers you may be more American than you realize.

Mr B embodies it, Amil gets it, Warren has it in abundance but the Duck has no clue.


Ducky's here said...

Beak seems to upset that his guise of being an "officer" has been exposed. Don't worry, Beak, push a few papers and the nanny state takes care of you for life. It's a good deal.

And you're still upset about being exposed as a Yeagley fan boy. Well, this is the technique you constantly use but you just don't get it.

What's next? You moving in with Betty Boop?

The_Editrix said...

"Lets see the person he mocks frequently calls Obama a negro and the Duck calls Condi Rice Aunt Jemimah. He mocks Christians obsessed with gays and outs Yeagley based on what????"

Honestly, I hate to say something that may look as a defense of the Duck, but "negro" is a racial slur and "Aunt Jemimah" an expression of a political stance. And he outs Yeagley based on (I guess) what must be obvious to everybody who even had a cursory glance at Rowdy Peacock, namely the fact that Yeagley obviously can't contain himself when it's about coloured, hunky males. I have never seen him wanking over a "negro" that was not physically attractive. Hell, he is SHOUTING: "Look at me, I am the first homosexual conservative Comanche Indian!"

As I said, not to make a better person out of the Duck, just because it's the truth.

Frankly, the entire issue is so unappetizing, just give it a rest. It's not as if the Duck hadn't other faults to pick on.

Ducky's here said...

The Persians are more enlightened and tolerant than portrayed in film? What films are this guy talking about?

Next thing you know we'll have Officer Beak claiming he's kept up with contemporary Iranian cinema.
Or maybe Beak can give us a capsule description of how his friends on the rabid right see Iran as an tolerant society. Maybe he wants to quote one of his heroes, Rudy Giuliani (R - 1 Electoral vote). It's always a treat reading a white supremacist apologist like Beak talk about tolerance.

Come on, Beak, let's have a lecture on the lack of support for the NYC mosque (plenty of support) and how normals should give in to the likes of Spencer and Geller, which is what your buddy Schwartz wants to do.
He doesn't want to make waves and will overlook the fact that the mosque is widely supported. I bet he supports expansion of West Bank settlements. No wonder a kahanist like Beak loves this guy.

Pitch till you win Beak.

The_Editrix said...

"FYI the current nut job running Iran is an Azeri."

And that makes him different? But isn't that racist?

beakerkin said...


20% of Iran is Azeri and people assume that all Iranians are Persians. Only slightly more than 50% of the population is Persian.


Your Hollyood commies portray Greeks as enlightened and ancient Persians as barbaric in many a sword and sandal film. In many periods the Persians were more tolerant.

Foghorn Leghorn said...

"FYI the current nut job running Iran is an Azeri."

Is that Farsi for asswipe?

Arabic for Azzclown, maybe?