Saturday, August 21, 2010

Beakerkin an Indian????

I am usually amazed when people mistake me for a member of another group. For the record I remain a Jewish American patriot with roots in various Eastern European countries. We do not know or care what the ethnic composition of AOW, Mr Beamish, Brooke, TMW, Warren or other Americans are so I am perplexed as to why my roots are of such interest to others.

We had the unhinged one at Bad Eagle suggest I was a mulatto, Apache and employed by NYPD. There are light skinned Black people but in my case it would become comedic as I am whiter than the non White White Supremacists. For the record the late Northwind was a French and Abenaki woman.

Over time I have been confused for Polish, Russian, Ukranian by members of those groups in NYC. While I undoubtedly have some of that DNA I consider myself Jewish end of conversation. Those that emigrated from Europe considered themselves Jews and I respect their memory.

Onto more amusing things I have at various times been accused of being a Copt, Assyrian, Armenian and now an Indian by Muslims. It seems that the motion of a Jew speaking of Muslim history via these groups is so outlandish that in the minds of Muslims I must be an impostor.

My identity and thought remain American and I honor those sentiments with my devoted service to the American people. I do have a relationship with an Indo Guyanese woman that is likely headed to matrimony. I have a wonderful parental relationship with her six year old daughter who never knew her father. This does not make me Hindu or Guyanese. I do have a love for the wonderful Guyanese community. However, I have similar affection for the Philippine, Italian, Polish, Dominican, Cuban, Haitian, Egyptian Coptic, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Columbian communities as well. I am probably leaving out many of the communities where I have spent time. This versatility is what quite ordinary for NYC residents.

While commies like the Ducky talk of internationalism and treat the locals like domestic animals NYC types and real Christians like Junglemom, TMW and AOW live it each and every day. Our American DNA contains a bit of this and that we treasure our history and our American values.


Ducky's here said...

You're as obsessed with race as your white supremacist hero and friend GayEagle.

My next door neighbors a Muslim, Beak, you know any Muslims?

Now go back to strutting. You're insecurity is really showing, Officer.

beakerkin said...


I know plenty of Muslims, but none as
rabidly bigoted or ignorant as your typical commie.

Will the person connected at the hip to traitors Julius Rosenberg, Bill Ayers and Anna Montes get real. Yeagley is merely a kook and your kind are traitors and terrorists.

The_Editrix said...

Errr... Beak, Yeagley hailed "the brave and courageous Japanese" who attacked America. That is not kookery, that is plain treason, even if written to grab attention. I'd recommend that you stop reacting to Duckie's fishing altogether. There is NOTHING in a "commie" Yeagley isn't and probably worse. As it is, you'll lose every single taunt. As I said, better ignore it or you'll end up defending the indefensible.

Warren said...

Gee, if we'd only know that Ducky's "next door neighbors a Muslim", we could bow to his superior knowledge of Muslims. NOT!

Nostradumbass, your next door neighbor lives next to a moron.

No one is obligated to go to hell for your infantile ideological views on "tolerance".

Its not a question of tolerance, its common sense and good judgement.

To quote someone else, "It is a judgement of a system of religious beliefs and practices that in many of its mainstream applications across the world, involving millions of adherents, practices or supports terrorism, stones women and men, kills homosexuals, hangs and mutilates children, practices honor killings by relatives, inquires whether its hospitals can surgically paralyze a criminal as a punishment, forbids women to drive or go to school, has world-wide riots over cartoons, and that generally seeks to live in a 12th Century world."

What is not to judge and firmly reject?

beakerkin said...


The Duck also forgets that I work in NYC and am part of an adopted community where 30% are Muslims. The Duck is obviously bird brained if he thinks that Christians and Muslims are not present in the Guyana community events.

When I marry the Tranquil Sea I will likely even have Muslim relatives. I already have some via
an older brothers marriage into a complex family that includes Native
Americans, Scotts and Irish.