Friday, August 27, 2010

Jews leaving the Democratic Party

Obama has done the impossible. The NYT has reported that the numbers of Jewish Republicans and independents has grown. When I joined the GOP in 84 it was a very rare thing. However, the key to me was that not only were Democrats obstructionists in the Cold War some of the Democrats were actively seeking their victory. It is one thing to be against the US policy on Cuba, but at the time Democrats were holding Tea Parties for Castro.

As I have reported the local Young Republican club in NYC was almost one third Jewish.
Even Drummaster started college way on the left and has moved to the Center. He is not endanger of being a Mr. Beamish clone yet. However, he is seeking a career in law enforcement and is probably to my right.


Ducky's here said...

Does this mean you'll finally vote out that two bit Wall Street pimp, Schumer?

About time, the guys been a wrecking ball. Destroy the American economy but as long as you vote Likud's interest everyone's fine with this traitorous scum.

Mark said...

Schmucky Schumer?

He hates my guts and the feeling's mutual!

(I better watch myself here.)