Sunday, August 22, 2010

More Mosque Madness

I want to stress that traditional Muslims do not recognize the Nation of Islam led by Louis Farrakhan. The Koran does not talk about space ships and the group is more of a satire than a cult.

Older NYC residents are aware of the history of Harlem's Mosque number 7. It was apparently bombed in the time of Malcolm X. There was a fatal standoff with NYPD in 1972 where a NYPD cop was killed.

This latest report comes from DNAinfo Manhattan Network on You Tube. Apparently, an NYPD detective was denied entry into the Mosque with his shield and gun. The Detective was performing community relations and investigating allegations of police brutality.

This is another case that illustrates the arrogance of certain religious leaders who think they are above the law. I have personally witnessed NYPD visiting Jewish Temples and Catholics and most Protestants can likely point to law enforcement officers in their congregation. As the Mosque is on the soil of NYC its law enforcement officers have a right to perform their duties. We can discuss the legality of sanctuary in another post.

The Mayor should demand an immediate apology from the Imam to the officer. Furthermore, if this policy remains unchanged the building should be padlocked as a public safety concern. Sorry, but inane religious cults ( Not Islamic) do not have the right to create their own laws in NYC, nor are they above the law.


Ducky's here said...

Beak, would you please supply a link to that story at DA, couldn't find it.

No big deal but you aren't know for honesty and accuracy.

beakerkin said...


Google Mosque 7 NYPD. You will see a few links to the story on August 10.
I was looking for an old story about the cop killing in Mosque 7 in 1972.

If they are not going to allow cops in the place should be padllocked.

Ducky's here said...

Interesting, the detective was invited by the Nation of Islam but they foolishly added additional requirements when he arrived.

Although, given the history of the NYPD I can see why they wouldn't want him inside and armed.

Still, he was invited, he was not investigating a crime.

Cateran said...

It appears that some Muslims understand that putting that mosque in such a controversial location isn't a very good idea - Indian Muslims want 'Ground Zero Mosque' relocated