Friday, July 09, 2010

It isn't the drinking water

There are those in Europe and to a lesser extent America who feign ignorance at what Al Queda is.
The recent bomb plot in Norway should remind people that Al Queda is a menace to every government on the planet.

Part of the problem lies with the Muslim community. With the exception of Stephen Schwartz and the CIP few Muslims come straight out and condemn terrorism wherever it takes place. Schwartz
grasps that terrorism creates a counter reaction and ultimately hurts Islam.

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Warren said...

I have come to the conclusion that Muslims, in general, don't care about terrorism as long as they aren't the ones being terrorized.

Thus they give tacit approval for acts of terrorism by ignoring the radicals among them.

These terrorist cells and hate spewing Emans are known within their communities and we have failed in that we don't hold their communities responsible for harboring them.