Monday, July 05, 2010


I am at the best point of my life. The Tranquil Sea is very easy and charming. Being a step dad to the beloved Sprite is the greatest feeling of my life. Even nutty Rex the ever hungry Maltese is a blast. I am more of a pug or English Bulldog type as they are more manly. Then again Rex is a pet for a young girl.

Sometimes, one has to undergo adversity to get to a better place. My sisters AOW and TMW were there for me. There was a call to my buddy Warren. In life we sometimes have to overcome adversity.

Along the way I started to enjoy old hobbies. I did enjoy the historical fiction genre immensely. The Duck can have his gassy philosophers and hack doodlers, but I would sooner read about rich characters like Beryl Jastrow and Cap Huff. Time is limited and one does not need a road map to see the carnage of the mendicant imbecile Marx.

I shall be going to Guyana in the fall. Unfortunately, they do not have a season for hunting useless Chavezistas across the border. One or two of his foreign supporters would look good in the den. I could probably have a taxidermist preserve the bug eyed insane look. Alas, I am going there to enjoy the scenery as a boat ride down the Berbice should have ample adventure. I will be visiting with locals who are familiar with Brooklynese. Maybe someday the Contras will form along the rugged border. Even as the economy goes into the toilet the bug eyed faithful are swearing it is because Chavez hasn't gone far enough. The motto for the Cult of death should be build socialism over mountains of dead, the starving and the imprisoned. They talk of justice and freedom but all I hear are the chains of neomonarchistic statism repackaged.

I also took time to adjust the musical tastes. I have an office full of instrumental rock mostly surf
and some Duane Eddy tossed in. It is almost like having a personal sound track in the office. Two weeks on a standard rotation away from my desk was a bit much. I have returned to my desk, but the junior officers now have a better grasp of my style. It is more down home and less confrontational than the norm. It works because it is my natural style and is not faked.


Ducky's here said...

Let's see, now Officer Beak wants to go to the jungle and lead an armed insurgency.

In his previous post he was complaining about the office air conditioning.

Always On Watch said...

My sisters AOW and TMW were there for me.

You bet!

I consider you family, Beak.

So, when are you paying a visit here to the D.C. area? Bring Tranquil Sea!

beakerkin said...


Everyone should have a Tie Dyed Canibis smoking bug eyed foreign Marxist stuffed in the den. I want to get mine mounted with a copy of I Rigoberta.

They are not an endangered species, but the environment is improved by
their absence.