Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Farahkhan wants reparations from Jews

Presumably, he should seek the descendants of African Kings, Arabs, Portuguese and American slave owners. One such descendant is note other than Barak Obama whose sole relation to slavery in America is that his mother's family owned a few. This did not stop Obama from benefiting from programs designed for the descendants of slaves. In fact it illustrates how absurd the policies were in the first place.

Jews owe Farakhan absolutely nothing except contempt. As far as reparations the Jewish community has disproportionately given to Black causes with zero appreciation save Bayard Rustin( a far left type), Larry Elder and a few Black conservatives. Dr. King also did not share the odious views of Farakhan.

Farahkhan should pay the citizens of the USA for wasting our newspaper print. The truth is that his warped racist cult has nothing to do with traditional Islam. It is a racist cult that makes a mockery of the religion, much like Obama's former church.


beamish said...

Odd isn't it, that Farrakhan's mothership has stranded black people on our planet thousands of years ago in a fundadelic intergalactic invasion yet demands reparations from us?

The Pagan Temple said...

Wouldn't it be cool if a tape could surface of a past conversation between Farrakhan and Obama say about four or five days before the election?

Brooke said...

What a total asshat!

The Jews owe that Islamist bastard nothing but contempt, as you've so brilliantly said. Let the Nation of Islam pay the Jews reparations, in fact, for being Muslim and therefore a party to the Holocaust and the murder of millions of Jewish men, women and children in lieu with the Mufti joining with Hitler!

Ducky's here said...

Wow, is Farrakhan still alive?

Ducky's here said...

By the way, Beak, a large number of the Portuguese slavers were Jewish. Just for the historical record since you are generally in the dark.

The_Editrix said...

Farrakhan wants reparations from Jews.

Okay, I'm done now...

beakerkin said...

Editrix and Brooke I share your sentiment.


The topic of Jews and the Slave trade was dealt with by Hugh Thomas and Dinesh D'Sousa. Many of those Portuguese you cite were converts from Judaism.

Everyone owned Black slaves including Blacks themselves and this was not the case of Blacks buying their relatives. Native Americans owned Black Slaves so did Norwegians, Germans, Dutch and if we look far enough probably midgets and albinos as well. To focus on the few Jews and ignore the huge roles of Africans, Arabs and others is to make a cartoon out of history. As a commie this is the way you view most things.

The Pagan Temple said...

The last people on the face of the earth who should even be allowed to discuss oppression of blacks or anybody else are fucking Arabs. Whatever happens to them is fine by me.

As for Farakkahn, he needs to get on the next flotilla of aid to Gaza. Maybe we'll all get lucky and the Israelis will sink that one to the bottom of the sea like they should have done the others.

Ducky's here said...

Good 'ol Beak, dumb as a hammer as usual.

Beak, because someone points out that Jews were involved in the slave trade doesn't imply a denial that other ethnicities were also involved.

Man, I worry that you might not be capable of complex thought. Maybe "officers" just have to check the boxes, nothing taxing.

beakerkin said...

The Duck is quite bird brained as usual. Highlighting the minimal role of Jews in a global phenomenon as extensive as the international slave trade is indeed antisemitic. We do not here of Fins or English and the slave trade because there is an agenda to the comments.

Furthermore as the Pagan stated the last people that should discuss slavery are Arabs and then Muslims.

You as a commie, are an advocate of neoslavery.

The_Editrix said...

"The topic of Jews and the Slave trade ..."

The topic of Jews and the slave trade is one of the stalest antisemitic topics and there are many stale antisemitic topics. To wax lyrically about the evil slave trading Jews and never even mention the Muslim slave trade that over centuries enslaved millions of people, among them millions of Europeans (but who cares, whites never suffer anyway and are always perpetrators, never victims), not to mention the fact that in many Muslim countries slavery is practised even today, is the height of intellectual dishonesty or better: sheer and undiluted shittyness.

If there is ONE thing why I'd welcome a Muslim rule it would be because then those idiot blacks would see how they are treated by their Muslim brethren and wish -- nay: PRAY! -- to be back in the American South under Jim Crow law.

beakerkin said...

Actually the story of Europeans enslaved by Muslims is hardly ever discussed.

The real comedy of this story is that Arabs do have a genuine disdain for their Black coreligionist. The majority of Christian congregations do grasp that the religion is egalitarian open to all who believe.
In the Jewish tradition and in practice Black Jews are accepted as equals with rare exceptions.

I want to point out that when one discusses the Nation of Islam with a more traditional Muslim like Stephen Schwartz he will point out correctly that the NOI has nothing to do with traditional Islam. Schwartz believes in an egalitarian
version of Islam that is more or less denuded of some Arab cultural practices like the disdain for Blacks and Honor Killings.

The NOI is really more of a cult formed in a rejection of the larger
society than a coherent presentation of Islam.

The_Editrix said...

"The truth is that his warped racist cult has nothing to do with traditional Islam." You are delusional, Beak. Hatred of Jews is inherent to and inseparable from the Muslim cult and at the end of the day they are all alike. Your friend Stephen Schwartz is as much an exponent of "traditional Islam" as, say, Obama is an exponent of American values. Well, at least that is his public face. (Ever heard of taqiyya?)

Traditional Islam hangs little girls as young as nine years old in Iran and lets them burn to death in a school on fire in Saudi Arabia because they are not moderately dressed. Traditional Islam there cuts a hands off a thieves and beheads people every Friday after prayers in a public place. Traditional Islam stones adulteresses (which includes women who have been raped) to death. Traditional Islam commands fathers, uncles and brothers to kill their daughters, nieces and sisters and calls that "honour killing", because the wanted to "live like a German". It is an everyday thing in Berlin.

Why do you suddenly trust a commie turned Muslim? ("Islamic pluralism" is a joke, akin to "prostitute virginity".) You have this obsession with commies (whatever that implies) yet you trust one because he converted to, of all possible things, Islam? A man who spreads the lie about the "Bosnian death camps" where evil Serbs incarcerated and killed poor Muslims? A lie that has been debunked countless times?

Have you ever lived within a community where Muslims are a sizable minority to make a sound judgement about "traditional Islam"? No? Have you the first idea about their putrid racism and hatred of Jews? Someting that is INHERENT to their "faith"? You have no idea about what you are talking. Believe me, somebody who has. Compared to mainstream, "traditional" Islam, your black Muslims are boy scouts and paragons of Western values.

Anonymous said...

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The_Editrix said...

"The truth is that his warped racist cult has nothing to do with traditional Islam."

Have you ANY idea what "traditional Islam" is? Do you really think that your friend, the commie turned Muslim Stephen Schwartz, who is as genuine as a three-dollar-bill (but let's say for argument's sake he really DOES believe in that "Islamic pluralism" shit) is an exponent of "traditional Islam"?

Traditional Islam hangs girls as young as nine in Iran and they are raped by prison wardens before the execution so they won't go to heaven, as they would if they were virgins. It lets them burn to death in a school on fire in Saudi Arabia, because they are not moderately enough dressed to let them out. Traditional Islam stones women as adulteresses to death who have been raped. Traditional Islam commands fathers, brothers and uncles to kill their daughters, nieces and sisters because they wanted to live like Germans and calls that "honor killings" -- an everyday occurence in, say, Berlin. And putrid racism and hatred of Jews is an INHERENT part of it.

Have you ever lived in a community with a sizeable Muslim minority? No? I thought so. I have. You have no idea about what you are talking. Compared to "traditional Muslims", your black variety are Eagle Scouts and staunch defenders of Western values in comparison.

beakerkin said...


Stephen Schwartz is a Sufi who believes in the American values. I do grasp Takiya, but Schwartz is a relentless foe of terrorism. He is far more apt to be killed for his unapologetic denunciation of Wahabism and the Iranian regime than any of us.

Schwartz is the face of what Islam should aspire to. He embraces and embodies a fusion of American patriotism and Sufi mysticism. Much of our problem with Islam is that it is a submission based religion that lends itself to be exploited by rouges.

Ronald Radosh whom I respect considers Schwartz a decent man. His heart is in the right place and even if he is doomed to be fighting windmills I respect his spirit.

The Pagan Temple said...

I think we should go out of our way to show our Muslim brothers and sisters the proper respect, and maybe then they will respond in kind. We MUST set an example. The peace and security of the world is at stake. Sometimes, you have to be the one to make the first move. You have to learn to forgive, and to move on. But before you can expect to be trusted, sometimes you also have to learn to ASK for FORGIVENESS for the many sins and wrongs we have committed against Islam and its followers.

I think the best way to do that is by sending them a nice gift to show them that we want to accept them and honor them as our brothers and sisters.

I know. Let's all start a movement and send them some fine food. A nice ham sandwich, or some good country ham, maybe some pork chops fried in good fresh hog lard, and some good old fashioned BLT sandwiches made with top shelf bacon.

If that don't do the trick, nothing will. But just to be on the safe side, we'll send them some chitlins.

Alligator said...

There are many stripes and sects to Islam just as there are to Christians, etc. Farrakahn has cozied up to "traditional" Islamic leaders and has been accepted by them, for common hatred of Jews and America if nothing else.

I wish Louis would go back to playing in a calypso band and let all this drop. Of course, the American media has brought him notoriety and helped fuel and continues to spotlight what is otherwise would have remained a far out fringe group.

Warren said...

I'd trust a starving dog with a steak before I'd trust a Muslim with anything.

The_Editrix said...

For Heaven's sake, Beak! Islam is NOT EXPLOITED. The atrocities we see on a daily basis all over the world IS Islam. Mainstream, ordinary, "traditional" Islam. Your Stephen Schwartz is either a delusional fool who attempts with his "Islamic pluralism" something akin to "prostitute chastity" or he is, as Muslims tend to be, well versed in taqiyya. But of course, you know it better from his books than those people who have experienced what Islam really is first hand. Go and try to live in a Muslim country to get a smack of the real thing. Yes, YOU!

Btw, sorry for the double posting. I got an error message the first time and as I hadn't saved it, wrote it again.

beakerkin said...


I like Schwartz am more concerned about the future. Many of us are guilty of linear thinking. We assume that all things will progress in the current direction.

Schwartz is part of a small group of Muslims who want to see a better future. Another such Muslim is Abu Farris at Harry's Place.

We assume that militant Islam is the only path to the future. Yet if the Iranian government is overthrown we could see something different. We shouldn't assume that
Muslims living in Free societies will not become changed . In America the third generation tends to be the most assimilated.

If Scwartz or Abu Farris wish to fight windmills let them do so with honor.

Anonymous said...

As a Sufi, which is Islamic mysticism, I'd guess that Schwartz is not only fairly moderate, he would be the target of assassination by most Muslims within a Sunni/Shite context.

I tend to agree with Nora on this issue, say for the Sufi exception. They've retained many pre-Islamic beliefs and have incorporated some interesting far Eastern ones as well. Their have been Christian mystics as well as Jewish ones (Kabbalah).