Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sexual Zeros

The rabid mongrel bitch at Bad Eagle notes I admit that I have practiced miscegnation so many times that I am an expert. As the Bad Eagle Mongrel Bitch has a bedroom that is frequently mistaken for a parade ground and regularly searches morgues for husband of the moment her comments are odd.

I am a typical man who loves his woman as God made her. The fact that her skin color is darker than mine is merely incidental. The fact that Yeagley and his rabid mongrel bitch are products of similar unions sheds no light as the top floor is empty.

For those that would pass judgment on those due to the skin color of their significant other you are beneath contempt. If I wish to hear the word of Christians I will heed Junglemom, TMW, Justin, Warren, AOW, Pappa Frank and Z. As for my place in or outside my community that is determined by my peers. Note even the beloved Rav Roov has attempted to set up a meeting with the Tranquil Sea and the Sprite. The Jewish community can determine who is a member in good standing without the input from race obsessed outsiders from Oklahoma.


Ducky's here said...

Beaks struggling with his identity again and looks to Yeagley for help.


Warren said...

You can deal with the Jewish community on your own, (like I'd know anything about it,) I'll deal with you as my friend!

I wish you happiness and only the best.

beamish said...

We're coming up on the 2nd anniversary of the announcement about not hearing about Yeagley's website here anymore.

Just saying.

The_Editrix said...

I hate to admit it, but Mr. B's gruntings for once make sense.

The Pagan Temple said...

I told him about Yeagley going on Monica Crowley's blog talking about "race realism" and that got the ball rolling. Noe Yeagley is telling Beak he's a "fallen Jew". Not an easy thing to let slide.

Alligator said...

Beak, Beak, Beak, you've go to listen to the Gator. You need to just ignore Yeagley and Betty Ann and step away from the whole thing. Their opinion of you or your relationships means nothing.

Beamish and Editrix are right about your promise not to mention BE here again. Ducky is even right in a roundabout way. When they can yank your chain, they are defining you. Don't let them do that. Just walk away and ignore the whole BE site.

CN said...


I am letting go of posting here, I feel that a lot has had to do with me and the demented one following me anywhere and everywhere I post and attacking everyone because of her hate for me.

I want to thank Beakerkin for inviting me, but I will kindly step out now and hopefully Yeagley and his demented one will leave you and yours alone. If they are ignored, and you never venture over to his site, they will wither and die, its almost happened, it can happen. Its worth a try.

I will handle yeagley and the Comanche Issues in my own way on my own time. She is nothing but quethop, she knows it, he knows it. She is not worth one iota of a thought.


The_Editrix said...

"Not an easy thing to let slide."

That is an idiom with which I, as a non-native speaker, am not familiar. Does it mean: "That's not a thing one says lightly"?

Warren said...

"Not an easy thing to let slide."


Difficult to ignore.

The_Editrix said...

Beverly, I bet you are still welcome here. Ask the Beak. I, for one, would be sad to see you go. Just stop bellyaching about the Rowdy Peacock and Betty Ann. All that CAN be said about them HAS been said. Never wrestle with a pig. You will get dirty and the pig likes it.

beakerkin said...


You may stay here as a welcome friend. The antics of Batty Ann the Rabid Mongrel Bitch will happen if you are here or not.

Jews tend not to stay at his site too long and Yeagley misses having me around to discuss the culture. I was the exception and I stayed way too long. If you read his words he sees my actions as a betrayal.

I am loyal to the marketed vision that he pitched. I truly thought I was getting a Conservative site that embraced Native American ideals. Instead I got Stormfront
minus the Jew hared.

Patriotism is too important to my heart to let Yeagley or anyone else mock it with racial drivel. If you grasp the spirit of our founding fathers than we can not permit him to pollute patriotism.

That being said all of us need to ignore him and his smell senile rabid mongrel bitch.

He has nobody worth talking to other than Amil. I would read Winters comments for their humor.

I reject racism. I love the complexion of the Tranquil Sea and the Beloved Sprite as God made them. Only people as warped as Yeagley's rabid mongrel bitch fail to grasp real love. Then again a truck stop/ funeral parlor bimbo doesn't have a clue.

Word to BE mongrels Northwind was French and Abenaki so you can add that to your list.

Alligator said...

Beverly, I ask you to reconsider leaving too. Just step back from the Bad Eagle stuff and take a good long breather. There are so many other things you can discuss. I'm always interested in hearing the opinion of a Comanche elder on some of our current events.

Warren said...

I don't know how long its been since I quit peering in or posting at Bad Eagle message board. Over two years anyway.

I believe I told Nora I'd had enough and was leaving. The last time I posted was at Beaks request after Mac had banned him for hurting the delicate sensibilities of a nameless catbird.(A matter of the cultural eating of dog meat and who needed a distemper shot.)

Ah, the drama!

Betty Ann has seemed to come up in the Yeagley hierarchy since that time and the Indian Princess "catbird" didn't make a suitable dogsbody for the Doc. I won't speak unkindly of Betty Ann. I don't believe life has been kind to her. She lashes out but the real targets lie elsewhere.

Nora once said, the Doc is a puppet master. I believe she is right. He uses Betty Ann for the actions he find disturb his delicate sensibilities. In other words, what he lacks in leadership he seeks to replace through manipulation.

I find it hysterical that he seeks to manipulate Beak through guilt like the stereotypical Jewish Mother; Why don't you find a nice "Jewish" girl like Mama doc asks you to? Besides, if you don't he will send Betty Ann over to call you names and kick your Jewish ass!

Lets be serious here, has the doc ever had a date with a woman he didn't blow up with a bicycle pump? Do we really need the doc for a marriage broker? Can Betty Ann give you any dating tips unless you are interested in middle-aged men? Do you take political advice from Nostradumbass?


The_Editrix said...

Thank you Warren!

The_Editrix said...

Warren, the "thank you" referred to the linguistic explanation. This is a reply to your other comment. I have, honest to God, forgotten why Mac banned Beak, just that it was one of those silly online forum brouhahas grown up people instigate to let their inner child loose. I had one with Mac as well, I had one with Beak and with several other co-posters too. The only thing that is still clearly in my mind is that Yeagley sat still and obviously enjoyed every minute of all of them.

Betty Ann is a tragic woman and I agree 100% with what you are saying. Again Yeagley sits still and watches calmly while she self destructs and only reins her in if she says something he doesn't want anybody to know. Those items, and those only, get quickly deleted.

He knows perfectly well that all Betty Ann is receiving for her efforts is indifference at best, pity or ridicule. Beverly is a different case and I am leaving her out here.

The comparison to the archetypical "Jewish mother" is quite apt, because that's what he is when everything else has been said and done, a manipulative old woman. Beak doesn't need to prove that he is miles above his criticism.

Cateran said...

Warren said...The last time I posted was at Beaks request after Mac had banned him for hurting the delicate sensibilities of a nameless catbird.

Not to be argumentative, Warren, but the way I remember it I "banned" Beak because he dared me to. The conversation had turned into a pissing contest, so when he did that, I had no other option. And I didn't actually ban the Beak, I just removed his posting privileges. I would imagine the thread is still there.

Mind you, that was years ago so I don't remember all the details, but I'm fairly sure it was far longer than the two years you give it. My guess is it was closer to three of four years ago. It was a year and a half ago when he deleted my profile and I hadn't done anything on the Admin side of his forum for at least two years prior to that.

Time travels fast, eh.

Warren said...

Editrix, you are welcome.

You've always had good instincts for people. I don't know Beverly but if you are going to vouch for her I hope she stays.

And Beverly, if you read this; don't worry about what Yeagley or Betty Ann say as far as it concerns Beak, he'll tell you the same. He is just really pissed that someone he respected would talk about him like that. (Beak correct me if I'm wrong.)

I don't believe any of the rest of us have any respect left for the man.

Warren said...


The events were concurrent. If blunt, you've always been nothing if not honest. You know your own mind and it just looked different to me at the time.

Yeagley had his hand in that one too.

Without a doubt, its been longer than two years. I had already quit posting for some time before the final post I made at Beaks request.

Anonymous said...

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