Friday, July 09, 2010

Michener's Poland

I have covered the chapter that details the brutality of the Tartars and the tenacity of the Polish people. It is classic Michener that is pretty good thus far. The Teutonic knights fighting for faith
and the sheer brutality of the Tartars is contrasted. Of course the exchange where the Teutonic knight tells his Polish counterpart that they have not really been Christianized is perhaps the most
interesting exchange.

Of course the fact that non Europeans could be quite brutal colonialists is lost on far left types. These far left types pretend that if non Western people practice colonialism it is just a cultural variant.


The_Editrix said...

Beak, I know a lot of Poles and they fascinate me no end. The entire history of that hapless yet so gallant people is written in their faces. There are the tartars, the Swedes, the Jews, all looking out of Polish faces. It was Michener's book that made me realize it.

Ducky's here said...

Of course the fact that non Europeans could be quite brutal colonialists is lost on far left types


Your ignorance is stunning. Just stunning, but it's good you are trying to improve yourself.

cube said...

Michener, eh? We joke about how all of his books begin with a description of the primordeal ooze and the critters that spring from it ;-)

In a strange twist of fate, I've been reading about Poland myself, but as it applies to a biography of the Curies.

Marie Curie wasn't allowed to even speak Polish growing up because the Russian overlords prevented it. Of course, she disregarded the rules and continued to uphold the ideals of her beloved Poland.

That said, I'm not an historian by any means, but I have read enough to know that there is no shortage of brutality in the history of humanity. I agree that it wasn't all promolgated by the West, as the left would have you believe.

beakerkin said...

Really Duncy

The left has turned the planets greatest colonialists into victims.
Any look at Islamic history shows colonialism and Jim Crow. Pick up a history book written by a leftard and the quote is "Islam was spread by trade".


Ooze is classic Michener.


Poles and Russians frequently mistake me for a fellow national.
I remind them politely that though
some Polish and Russian DNA is likely in my DNA I am a Jew.

Ducky's here said...

Oh, I see, the Kahanist freak is upset about Islam again.

Just like your white supremacist buddy Yeagley.

Let's take the largest Muslim nation on earth, Indonesia. Islam didn't spread there through trade? Of course I doubt you have the integrity to admit that Muslims did form great trading nations.

Next Beak will discuss the hiring of Muslims in India as mercenaries to root out pirate bases.

... but really, it's pointless to expect much from a Kahanist bigot except hate.

The_Editrix said...

Beak, now you say that, I remember the old "alabaster skin with green eyes" thingy. In fact, I know a (very goodlooking) Pole who has stunning green eyes like a cat and blonde hair. (Not so sure about the alabaster skin.) ;-)

I don't think Poles and Russians look alike at all, but to somebody who doesn't know all that many of them, it may seem so.

Jews tend to look like the people among whom they dwelled for a long time. Think of Sharons white blonde Russian or of Shaul Mofaz Iranian looks. I know German Jews who look like a role model for the Nazis' "Aryan" wet dream. I find that interesting because we can safely assume that there was little intermarriage.

If there were a widespread "Jewish look" the yellow star would have been unnecessary.

beakerkin said...


This is true. However, in places like Vermont where Poles were not uncommon I was rarely mistaken for one.

I do have the alabaster skin and green eyes but my hair is pitch black with red highlights at this time of year. In NYC when I grew up Poles and Russians were not common. Now that they are common this mistake happens frequently.

In Vermont when we had a heritage fair I was mortified to learn I had been listed as Ukranian/ Polish. After some talk I explained that Jews in this region
considered themselves Jews.

Oddly, in NYC if they do this I may
end up as Ukranian, Austrian or Hungarian. They like to have all points on the map covered. We have plenty of Russians and Poles.

I consider myself an adopted member
of the local Guyanese community. I am going to a charity event tomorrow. The Jewish charities do not need me and are not as fun.

beakerkin said...


Islam spread to Indonesia by trade
tell that to the locals put to the sword. Speaking of India how did Islam get there.

As for Kahanists this is another slur and quite amusing given that Kahanists are soft on communism and
consider pro Israel Jewish secular types to be their mortal enemies. Remember, that your friend Ren is quite friendly with actual Kahanists.

As for the Yeagley slur. Yeagley is mentally disturbed and does not
grasp the meaning of Americanism.
He has never agitated a belief in a system that seeks the violent overthrow of the US government or subversion of the same. You are lower on the evolutionary scale than he is.

Another group of commies just got
picked up for spying. It is not such a great leap that some of your buddies are being compensated
by foreign governments with subsidized travel or cash. Commie spies should be spared hanging after they confess and agree to denaturalization and deportation to North Korea.

The Pagan Temple said...


This little exchange between you and Ducky is a sterling example as to why leftists should never be allowed within a hundred miles of a school. Any attempt by them to acquire a teaching certificate should be met by howls of derision. It's up to every parent to teach their kids the truth and see they know it. But it would be awful hard to go through the lies kids are taught in school every day, it would definitely take at least one full time parent, because it would be a full time job. Never mind cleaning the house and cooking supper, who would have time for that? Good grief.

Ducky's here said...

Now that's a fact, Beak, finally. The Mughals like many others did attack India.

They also brought a period of prosperity and the pinnacle of Indian civilization. There was religious freedom until they next round of invasions which culminated in British occupation. At know time did Indian culture achieve what it had under the Mughal's.

There was hardly a decline in Hinduism under the Mughal emperors whose primary intent was not the spread of Islam.

beakerkin said...

Lets roll this back Muslims invade a country to where they were not indigenous commit genocide and remain there and its okay because they brought prosperity and progress.

Jews return to their indigenous land that was colonized bring prosperity without the genocide and commies demand more Judenfrei real estate.

Of course European settlers came to America abused the Indians, but its peachy because prosperity was built. Following your leaps of hypocrisy Yeagley looms as a giant over your bird brained contortions.

Pagan you are 100% correct. I do want to point out the disdain commies like the Duck have for actual working people. Ordinary people enjoy Michner's sweeping epics, but the Duck prefers manifestos and demented Marxists hacks. Sorry, but life is too short to waste on gassy mendicant failed philosophers and his death cult minions. The Duck has an arrogant disdain for the masses. One can find the Officer in community gatherings, eating at local truck stops and serving the community. While I am very much involved with the community the Duck teaches doodling and runs between cell meetings.