Thursday, July 08, 2010

Fed Up With Non Enforcement of laws and crime

Those on the left who are screaming against Arizona's laws are ignoring a broken system that doesn't work. Has endless appeals that go on for decades.

1) End the Anchor Baby and Anchor Brides scams

Children born in the USA should remain citizens. However, they should no longer be allowed to confer status to parents that were here illegally.

Spouses shall only be able to sponsor minor children.

2) The classes of sibling immigration, married & adult child should be eliminated.
In the case of married or adult children an exception for a single child should be made in the case
of the Parent being over 75 or having some serious health impairment

3) The motions and appeals system needs to be streamlined. Fees for motions need to rise to $2000 dollars each. If a motion is overturned 1/2 the funds may be refunded. The idea is to eliminate superfluous motions.

4) House and employment visits at the discretion of the officer. Genuine jail time for individuals found to have perpetrated immigration fraud. Elimination of welfare benefits and minimizing social security benefits for those convicted of posing as fake spouses.

a) Person X lives in MA and teaches doodling. Person X is found guilty of marriage fraud with a North Korean woman. Person X would get two years in jail followed by reduction of Social Security benefits to minimum levels. Person X would not be eligible for welfare or unemployment benefits or employment in the federal government. They would remain eligible
for health benefits.

5) Adoption of Children may only be done on the more expensive 600 form. Adoption of non orphans must be accompanied by a specific and detailed family hardship. My country bites the big one would not be sufficient. A parent incapacitated by illness would be acceptable. The government of whatever country would also have to approve of the transfer of children.

6) Employers who have been found to be repeatedly hiring illegal workers should have their assets seized.

7) Immediate deportation after DWI and felony convictions.


Speedy G said...

Non-enforcement of laws like "Don't ask, don't tell?" or the borders?

That's what the DNC's all about.

Speedy G said...

How about voting rights and equal protection?

beamish said...

If a diplomat from another country lives in a consulate on American soil with his family and they give birth to a child in a US hospital, is the baby an American citizen?

My reading of the 14th Amendment says "no" as did the author of the citizenship clause of the 14th Amendment, Senator Jacob M. Howard.

Fraud found im the naturalization process is cause for denying and voiding the citizenship of children born on US soil to foreign nationals.

We don't need a law against "anchor babies." We have one already that should be enforced. Violating US immigration law and our sovereign borders to have "American citizen" babies is fraud.

One of the fundamental differences between left and right wingers is that to right wingers, words actually mean something.