Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happy July 4 to the Our Country, not Duckies

I want to wish all my fellow Americans a happy fourth of July. Let us count our blessings and remember the people who live under Communist and Jihadi opression.

America belongs to the people who share a common set of values. I may disagree with Rob and most of you at times but as Americans we want the same thing a safe country and a growing economy.

There are some people who do not deserve the honor of being American like the Duck and the rest of his Fowl Commie Comwads. Their creed has always been revolutionary defeatism and treason and deception com quite naturally to them. They attempt to conceal their identity but it is obvious who they are.

If you are a racial kook this is not your country either. As Americans we rise above your ignorance and hatred.

We are Americans and we say it with pride. I serve the country I love each and every day. For me there is no greater honor than that which has been granted to me.

Beamish in 08.


Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Most of the miserable sub-Americans that populate the shitholes outside American borders will never live in the greatest country in human history.

It's okay to laugh at them.

Always On Watch said...

Happy Independence Day, Beak! Doing anything special today to celebrate?

I've always been a patriot, but even more so since 9/11. I guess that I gained a greater appreciation that day for the life we enjoy here in the West.

I well remember when you decided to change jobs and to serve our country. You had to leave your beloved NYC to serve, but you took the step. I know a lot of people who wouldn't have been willing to make such a sacrifice.

We need more patriots like you, patriots who have the heart of a servant and the determination to preserve this great nation.

sonia said...


There are some people who do not deserve the honor of being American like the Duck and the rest of his Fowl Commie Comwads...
If you are a racial kook this is not your country either.

No Commies and no racists, huh... Well, then your country of 300 millions will seriously shrunk in size...

It reminds me of that joke about Stalinist purges from 'Ninotchka': 'there will be fewer, but better Russians'...

Anyway, Happy Fourth of July to ALL Americans (even Ducks, Dukes and Sharptons)...

beakerkin said...


Thanks but it is I who have the honor of serving. This is a labor of love, but after 9-11 my priorities change.


Americans transcend race and ethnicity and many od the posters here are multi ethnic and quite a few are multiracial. We are united by a set of shared values even if
we do not agree on exact policies.

The racism of David Duke is not part of what it means to be an American. Most of the victims rights dolts are Marcuse Communism by victimology pyramid including
Sharpton. Group rights are an Unamerican concept for a nation based upon idividual rights and liberties.

As far as Commies go they should be under constant government scrutiny. They are expoentially more prone to be terrorists and traitors than the general public.
When they break the law they should be prosecuted with penalties ranging from ten years in jail, denaturalization and deportation to North Korea or Cuba and in some rare cases the the death penalty. The people who spied for Cuba

Communists are a cancer in the societies in which they reside. Let those who advocate this insanity reside under it.

Anonymous said...

God Bless you all this 4th of July.

Last night I saw in a Fox Opinion poll that some 92% of Republicans say that America is the greatest Country in the History of the World, while only 72% of Democrats say the same thing. No Shock there!

Jusitn said...

Happy 4th of July to you all.

Rob: 28% of Democrats and 8% of Republicans think this country sucks. Well, you know as far as they and the media is concerned that is the vast Americans. To the media and democrats 7% of anyone for their ideas is the Vast Majority of Americans.

Urban Infidel said...

Happy Independence Day, beak! And to everyone else too.

Proud to be an American.

Warren said...

Its a gift to be an American!

Happy Independence Day

Elmer's Brother said...

Proud to be an American and proud to serve.