Thursday, July 05, 2007

Book Review of Infidel

I would like to say this book is uplifting or a valuable reading experience. The book does not provide our typical readers with anything they did not know prior to reading this book. We do see the cycle of violence against women and children in detail. We also see the horific crimes that Muslims commit against each other in Europe and in Africa.

Perhaps the only thing one can take away from the book is the acceptance of domestic violence. No doubt the Duck is worried about the alleged Islamophobia of Randoids while glossing over the fact that domestic violence is an accepted norm in the Muslim world.

We as Americans need to remind people that your religious freedom ends when it endangers the safety of others. The First Amendment does not protect criminal activity such as violence. The right to abuse your wife and children is not acceptable in the United States. If you wish to beat family members do so abroad and they better not be US citizens. While in the US you are also not free to harass people with different views or homosexuals.

It is a matter of time until the angry Jihadists kill a celebrity who has offended them. My guess will be it will be a talk radio host like a Michael Savage or the milder Glenn Beck. Of course the Duck will make excuses and blame the victim. If one can not accept free speech then it is time to leave. How America reacts to this crime that is comming remains unknown. Do any of you remember Alan Berg?

Beamish in 08


Farmer John said...

Nope. But here is a wiki bio of Alan Berg in case anyone's interested.

beakerkin said...

Thanks for posting the Wiki entry.How will we react if and when this happens here is a mystery. Even in placid Holland Mosques were burned. I hope that doesn't happen here.

Ducky's here said...

Hey Beak you jackass. Was it the left or right behind the women's movement in America to try to reduce domestic violence.

Which government in Spain recently called for a crack down on domestic abuse? Oh, the Socialists. How interesting.

And while your at it why don't you give us a history of women's rights in fundamentalist Jewish households. They sure are free, right Beak. Been some complaints in Israel recently.

Come back when you have a clue and stop playing the fascist.

Always On Watch said...

The book does not provide our typical readers with anything they did not know prior to reading this book.

I dunno about that. The details of genital mutilation seem more powerful than other accounts I have read. Also, the acceptance of domestic violence as "normal."

I haven't yet read the entire book. But I did read aloud to my husband some of that portion about Ali's clitorectomy. I won't sully your site with his comment.

beakerkin said...


The far left seems to have a "collective" loss of values when Muslims beat women,children and others. I haven't heard anyone stand up for domestic abuse here amongst conservatives.

Jewish women have the right to divorce their husbands and by no means are in a similar predicament.
This is more lies and deception from Commies who are incoherent as long as it involves Jews or America.

How is it the only comodity commies can get to market is cheap alcohol.

Farmer John said...

America increased or decreased since the Left inserted government into the American family?

Jes wondrin'.

Calling for something to be done, and then actually achieving "GOOD" results are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS.

The Left has a great record of calling for good things to be done, but a terrible one of actually making any situation "better".

Always On Watch said...

The Left is amazingly silent when Muslims denigrate, persecute, maim, and kill women.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


Are you ever going to list an example of a leftist that was or is capable of rational thought I may have missed during my studies of human history?

I asked over two years ago. The question isn't that hard, is it?

Ducky's here said...

And Beak sees India as such a progressive example.
Well Beak, looks like its a struggle all over.

Though keep on harping about how everything will be just swell when we get rid of the Muslims.

beakerkin said...


Who ever said a word about getting rid of Muslims? Now getting rid of commies is something I advocate.

Lets see the protest of semi dressed women were not beaten by religious police. It seems India has a respect for due process.

Muslim countries have a caste system as well. India has made great efforts to remove legal barriers.

Now if only they could make all commies untouchables? We should consider doing that here. Of course you would have to wear a hammer and sickle and be subject to beatings and wear no shoes. If you think this is draconian this is how Sharia treats non Muslims.

Sorry if that doesn't fit with the Muslims as perpetual victims bit.

FLORIAN said...

Sounds like a good read Beak. How many libs came to the defense of Van Gogh when he was slaughtered by the Moorish pigs? I can't recall ONE! If Savage, Boortz, or Beck were assasinated the silence would be deafening I'm sure.

Jason_Pappas said...

The Islamic world is obviously backwards in many ways. The fact that all those ways don’t directly come from Islam shouldn’t give one comfort. The stultification from a dogmatic and authoritarian mindset often makes a culture susceptible to many barbaric practices. The exact failures may differ from region to region. Women’s dress is worse in some locales; genital mutilation is common in certain regions; honor killings and tribal practices common in still others.

One thing they all have in common is an antipathy to individualism in each of its guises. Independent individual reasoning is antithetical to authority-based irrational ideologies based on the delusions of a single man. Individual rights are non-existent in a totalitarian political ideology like Islam. Individual initiative is contrary to Islam’s inshallah fatalism.

Let’s face it; it’s everything a leftist would like. Now that there’s no USSR, Islam is the next best thing. Long before 9/11 I used to cite genital mutilation to refute Hillary’s “it takes a village.” It’s a saying she said comes from Africa. I used to point this out to East Village feminists (Beak knows what I’m talking about) and they would condemn me for criticizing another culture. But failure to criticize is the first step towards acceptance. Horowitz is right about the Unholy Alliance.