Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Game

Communists play games with the rest of us. Anytime their is a disparity in wealth in America they scream and howl about inequality. Concentration camp inmates are more or less equal to each other, but this is hardly optimal.

The logic of communism is the person next door has a a cow. Commies come and tell you that man who worked to buy the cow is exploiting you. So the commies lead the masses an asses in the case of readilly duped anarchists to steal the cow and kill the cow owner. Of course the ignorant manipulated dolts have no idea what to do with a cow who then dies. The meat is tossed to cronies and the masses suffer worse than ever before.

Communism is all about power and theft in the name of the poor, but never on their behalf. Poor people in America often own cars and property. They are often obese and own cell phones and their poverty is more of a function of bad life choices. A coworker of mine often has no money because he is paying child support on three children. However, he needed some extra money and he works OT or repairs cars. He does not blame his circumstances on anyone else, but my coworker is not a advocate of theft or class genocide.

Communists play games with history and rhetoric. A Trotskyite blaming Stalinists or Maoists is akin to a member of the Bonano crime family complaining about the Gambinos or Lucheses. FYI
any comparison of the well run mafia where violence serves a purpose with Communists are an insult to mafioso everywhere.

In reality commies know plenty about drug pushing and black markets. Black markets are created wherever commies spread their sickness. The lower level functionaries are all too willing
to make a buck. FARC has been getting aid from Hugo and Fidel and pushes narcotics in the USA. Has Gomer Kerry demanded Hugo stop aiding drug pushers? Of course not Gomer Kerry is a fellow traveller and never said one peep about communists in his career.

Many of us make the mistake that we want to be liked by communists. However, one can have a coherent disagreement with Jams who is a decent sort. He has universal ideals and does not
selectively impart them incoherently. Morover, he isn't mindless as the sorts that praise Hugo and Castro and go into Linda Blair like contortions about Rudy Guiliani's authoritarianism.

Our mistake is that we fail to notice the difference between decent benign people like Jams, cynical moral relativists like Beatroot and souless hacks like Ren. Most of the readers would not allow a Nazi to feign noble motives and rightfully so. We would likewise make life miserable for any real KKK nuts or Nation of Islam lunatics preacing the idiocy that white people were created by a mad scientist. If an actual Jihadi (not Muslim) advocated imposing Sharia on the planet all of us would do the right thing. Why is it that when a communist starts preaching totalitarianism, class genocide, treason and rationalizing the most repressive regimes on the planet some of us go AWOL.

Lets place equality under simple terms. Concentration camp inmates are equal other than a capo. Would you want to live in a concentration camp? Of course not as food, life and liberty are in short supply. Now lets extend that logic to Cuba. ......

Life is not fair and if I lined up thirty people and asked them to jump I get 30 sets of ability.Are the laws of genetics and gravity unfair. People has different abilities and work ethics and there is nothing wrong with that. Now Jams,Jason, CB and myself could have a rational conversation with different points of view on how to help the poor. This coversation is impossible with a bug eyed assassin in training like John Brown or his souless master Ren for their dissent is from reality itself. A concentration camp has equality but it is only optimal if you are like Ren who seeks to run it or like John Brown who seeks to be a hechman or a cog in the machine.

Communism is theft based game and it is about power. If one wants to help the poor Christians and Jews have done so for ages in spite of communist meddling. Left to her own devices a Junglemom, TMW, Justin or Nanc will build schools, hospitals and serve the coomunity. Ren will build his gulag, while his allies plan concentration camps and the anarchists mumble incoherently and wander through life clueless.

BEAMISH in 08.

I have to do some reasearch as it appears the scourge of humanity Trotsky may be from the same village as my family. Well at least the other side ...... No luck there as Barbara Streisand is on the other side.


sonia said...

Kherson, where Trotsky was born, was hardly a village... In the late 19th century, it was probably larger than Hartford, Conn. was at the time...

And it was the native town of one of the greatest heros of mine, Sidney Reilly, a hero and martyr of the anti-Communist struggle and an inspiration for James Bond.

So you can be proud of your town...

Ducky's here said...

Where is John Brown, haven't seen him around lately, Beak?

beakerkin said...

Sonia the book that I am reading lists Yanovka as Trotsky's birth place. My family is from a small village called Janover on the Bug River. I think Yanovka is the correct pronunciation of Janover.

My family owned several businesses and were locally prominent. My paternal grandmother was not nearly as prominent but she had American legal permanent residence
and that made her prominent.They remained married for 60 years.

My grandfather was a Polish cavalryman and served in the Russo-Polish war. He as known for his marksmanship and sent many a Bolshevik to the great commune in the sky via a head shot. Sadly, I did not inherit this ability.

Warren said...

Ducky said:
"Where is John Brown, haven't seen him around lately, Beak?"

One would hope that the earth swallowed him whole. Unfortunately, he is so vile that the taste would cause the Earth to gag.... Hmmm, there was an earthquake...