Sunday, July 08, 2007

Off to class

I am studying my last section of family law before NYC. I have waited two years for this class only to get it with one foot out the door. However, all good things come to those who wait.

Family law is a complicated subject and Islam poses many challenges.

1 What does one do with a temporary marriage?
2 There is also a form of divrce where the ex-wife and children remain in the same household minus conjugal rights. Does that qualify as a divorce?


Batya said...

That's complicated, makes the Mormons look ok.

beakerkin said...

The consensus at work is a temporary marriage is not a marriage. I am in the minority and will accept those only to legitimate children. I am fairly lenient with legitimation.

Purple Avenger said...

As a practical matter, 1/2 of US marriages wind up being temporary.