Monday, July 30, 2007

The final post on the Clearing the Decks

Many of you think that I have gone soft on anti-communism. I still find the views of commies of all brands to be laothsome. Anarchists are more clownish and ignorant and regulary form alliances with Commies who kill them later.

Some of the claims by Ren are seriously funny and show a naive streak. Ren apparently thought I was the author of Muhlah Beak DHS Pedophile Speaks. Why anyone would write a blog calling themselves a pedophile is beyond belief. Ren was disgusted by the gay porn photos of Mummia Jammal. However, we do have proof that John Brown is the administrator of the site. Obviously Brown feels a need to broadcast his proclivities. How anyone can seriously think that blog is my creation is seriously stupid. I did laugh at the picture of John Brown playing Lyndie England at Abu Gharib for hours.

The point is Ren values his freedom as we value our own. He should have talked to Brown a long time ago. Moreover LWB is another of Brown's many pen names and only Ren is fooled by such poor writing. I have my own community to serve and we will concentrate on the hard hitting
posts all of you expect as well as some satire posts.

Any of his comwads who think they can stand the heat are welcome. This blog will not post the comments of John Brown or his alias LWB. Anytime Marxist From Lebanon or any other incoherent collectivist fool wants to air their points they are free to do so. I have allready proven I will hold my own ground in the most hostile forums. Moreover, the truth is that Commies are all offense and freak out when their own tactics are used on them.

The reality is that Commies start with an infantile notion of oppressed and opressors. They also have the infantile notion that equality is optimal. A concentration camp has equality, but is not optimal. Moreover as people have differences in talents and drive they should be compensated accordingly. The key is equality of opportunity does not infer equality of results.

Commies and the more idiotic Anarchists think the mere presence of poor people justifies their
theft based theology. Commies steal in the name of the poor but line their own pockets and excacerbate poverty by creating more poor. In reality commies want to set themselves up as fuedal lords who will dictate the lives of the unwashed masses.

The most amusing lies are those said by commies against Christians and missionaries. Commies
claim that Christians tell people what to think. This is quite amusing from people who herd people onto collective farms at gunpoint. Moreover Christians like Junglemom, TMW actually serve the poor unlike the empty words of Marxist. Christians like Junglemom build schools, hospitals and orphanages. Communists fill cemetaries, build gulags and create misery wherever
they go. Comunist create collective prisons and build walls to keep people in. Most nations build walls for defensive purposes.

Communists treat history and Economics like a Mad Magazine satire. Trotsky said ...... In reality the butcher of Kulaks said many things mostly depending on if he were in power or dodging ice picks. His words after he lost a power struggle do not speak as loudly as his brutal actions while in power. Moreover, this sickening branding of an idea that has failed is warped thinking. For example Daniel Ortega (a real pedophile) is hailed by the usual suspects who seem to neglect his authorizing the slaughter of Indians. Chomsky and the Commies at AIM called Indians who defended themselves terrorists. Even Ward Churchill and Russel Means took up arms against the Sandinazis and means was expelled from AIM for acting on behalf of Indians. AIM is a classic Commie front group that preffers advancement of Communism even if it means dead Indians.

Wherever Commies set up shop a shortage of consumer goods follows. The normally sane Beatroot seems to miss this point readilly noted by anyone who has lived under Communism is well aware of. The price subsidies create a situation where production is done at a loss. Farmers opt to not produce rather than produce at a loss and the results are empty shelves. The empty shelves create panic buying where people buy items they do not need for barter or because of unpredicability of when it will be on the market. Wherever communism goes a Black market follows. This black market is often another source of income for commies. Moreover, governmental corruption under communism is an accepted norm. The few show trials are politically motivates theatre that are used to justify purges.

Commies do not like to talk about their own history because it is filled with failure, repression, death and misery. They do want to talk about American, Israeli and Western Civ in a Mickey Mouse indict a civilization by its history manner. However, any discussion of actual Commie history is called McCarthyite,building strawmen or hate speech. The difference between Commies like Ren, Stalin, Pol Pot, Jim Jones (class genocide on yourself), Ayers, the Black Panthers (Noted Communist Drug Pushing Steet Gang) is methodology and power. All of the above share a common philosophy with entirely predictable results.

Commies have a cynical game where each new Communisim is the one that will get it right.
Communists like Ren are well aware in advance of the results and these talking points are for public consumption.

1 Deny the despot is a Communist. How the mostly sane Beatroot sees Chavez as Peron is a mystery. Perhaps Beatroot is getting this impression from the Anti-semitism of Chavez or his theft.
2 Repeat the talking points of Communist government no matter how insane.
3 Dehumanize the people who flee the Marxist tyranny
4 Call eyewitnesses to this savagery liars
5 Make pilgramges and take the government sponsored and subsidized Theresenstadt tour
6 When the evidence is overwhelming feign noble motives
7 Blame the United States
8 Deny that you were a supporter and claim that the failed regime is another brand of communism or not Communist at all
9 Repeat the process.

Bat Yeor talks of Palestinianism as a religion she leaves out that its adherents are almost entirely Communists with a few Nazis like LWB thrown in. Commies like the Duck have justified the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Egypt (like Yeor) based on spying and some alleged terror.
They then turn around and call people like MZ Nazis for wanting to do the same with exponentially more provocations and undisputed terrorism. Indigenous people have rights except when those indigenous people are Jews or are in the path of Marxist advancement, the latter reffers to Miskito Indians or troublesome minorities commies kill, deport. Ethnicities with no basis in reality shall be proclaimed as the worlds official victims. What the basis for this alleged Palestinian ethnicity remains a mystery. The fact is that the PLO charter itself has the words Arab unity and Palestinian Arab all over it. The reality is that the entire context of the Arab Israeli wars has been eliminationist drive the Joooos into the sea. Moreover, Palestinian ethnicity was contrived by Commie stooge Nasser at the behest of his Soviet masters, It seems that Greater Arabia or Judenfrie Middle East doesn't market well even with Commies so a mythical ethnicity with no basis in fact was created. So far we have heard Pseudostinians have
a distinctive accent. So does Justin Morris in Texas and the residents of Brooklyn. We have had the low IQ Elizabeth point to folk dancing, so this means that we should create a state on the basis of the Hokey Pokey or Square Dancing.She has pointed to basket weaving and some contrived attempts at pottery, logically a unique crack pipe style on an individual block would be
the basis for a future state. MFL swears there are plenty of Non Arabs in the middle east. Maybe he is refering to the Blacks being butchered by Arabs who never seem to have enough land. Maybe he is refering to the Kurds and Berbers who live under Arab hegemony and unlike the Pseudostinians have a genuine basis for a claim to ethnicity. Maybe MFL means the JOOOOs who were ethnically cleansed after living under Jim Crow shariah law. Maybe MFL means the Assyrians or Copts both of whom have languages and history that predate Islamo colonialism. Maybe he means the Maronites who consider themselves Phonecians who MFL's thugs at Fatah along with their traitorous Commie allies butchered by the score in many long forgotten genocides in the Lebanese Civil War. History doesn't begin in 1948 because bug eyed
Communists say so. If anything Communist co-optation of these outrageous claims to more real estate when Arabs posses it in abundance has excacerbated the problem that probably would have been solved long ago without fairy tale myths and fake ethnicities.

Communists are deceptive by nature and are no better than Nazis, Jihadis and KKK types. In fact the Duck or Renegade car ditch Marx for the Koran and not miss a beat. Communists will side with any enemy of the United States in the well known tactic of Revolutionary Defeatism.
Trotstyists were instructed by their master to work towards the defeat of the USA and the UK which the all idiotic Trotsky saw as no different from Nazi Germany.

We will now let Ducky pick the correct term for followers of Trotsky.

My positions on the inherent evils of Communism remains unchanged. Moreover, history provides many examples of Communists concealing their identities. In this spirit people like Chomsky, Kovell and Norman Finkelstein use other labels in a vain attempt to deflect the stench of Marx. In reality the Greens are Commies who have traded one utopian scam for another. In the case of Greens this is the creation of a Green Eden which in reality is Paradise Never Was.
Like all Utopian scams it is a means to power via a fable that is less real than Spongebob.

While Commies, Jihadis and Greens are evil there is one group that excells in stupidity Anarchists are far and away the dumbest people on the planet. They can be counted upon by commies as allies who will be slaughtered later. The words of a commie to an Anarchist "Even a dog pack has a leader."No doubt the world will be a better place without roads, schools, hospitals
all created by a tax base. Anarchist live in a fantasy world where such notions are created out of thin air. Anarcholiberians are the dumbest most incoherent people on the planet. Reading interviews of Murray Rothbard should be considered a form of torture.

My philosophies and ideals have remained unchanged. Denying people like Ren the freedom of their own space would be a denial of a right I enjoy myself. Ren does provide sanctuary for John Brown who is a cyber criminal well known by many. Contrary to Ren's paranoia there are no squads of conservatives trying to silence him. However, Ren has until now ignored his friend John Brown's spam attacks, smears and knowing criminal libel. Moreover, there is no cause ever to threaten children with molestation. John Brown threatened Elmer's Brothers children with molestation. Junglemom has a different spammer harassing her and her daughter. Yet these Commie blogs opperate without moderation while Brown spams away with 300 comments a day.

My American patriotism remains unchanged. Free speech is still granted to those with odious views like Ren and John Brown/ LWB. However, I do not deny reality of what free speech does not include sedition or treason. If a commie like Ward Churchill advocating killing officers this is not free speech but exhortation to a criminal act. In such a case Churchill should be tried and offered 20 years in prison or deportation to North Korea. I also recognize that terrorism in the USA has three main sources Jihadism, Communism and racial power kooks. People who fall into those categories should be under governmental scrutiny and tried when they break the law.
Keep your dissent peaceful and legal or face deportation. Ren has distanced himself from the comments of LWB ( an alias of John Brown) whose comments are identical to Timothy McVeigh.

There are those on the left like Jams who are sincere about wanting to fix social problems without collectivization. One can and should talk with respect to Jams as his dissent is not revolutionary defeatism. His dissent recognizes there are problems and there are better ways to handle the situation. One can genuinely discuss ideas with Jams as we share a common desire to see problems solved. This is absent in Commies and Jihadis who are practicing revolutionary defeatism and any discussion with those of different philosophies.

Beamish in 08

Pagan Temple you will have to get your own publicity gimmick. Team Beamish is protective of our PR devices. We even have our own Web expert. Have we come up with our second commercial yet.

John Edwards says "The War on Terror is a bumper sticker slogan"

Shots of 9-11 and Beslan and a re-enactment of pushing a Wheelchair Bound senoir citizen off a cruise liner.

Mr Beamish and Beakerambo demonstrate the correct use of Bumperstickers by placing Beamish in 08 bumper stickers on John Edwards Hair

Vote Beamish in 08. Now invading a country near you.

I will do the meme tonight.

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