Friday, July 06, 2007

Absurd Romney Bashing

I want to take issue with some of the Romney critics. There have been some who have taken issue with Romney's faith. We are familiar with some of issues with the Mormon Church. It is important to know that the anti-black policies were changed. Moreover, there is nothing in Romney's record that indicates he has any issues with Blacks or anyone else.

Mainstream media is very brutal and biased when dealing with Mormons. Mormons are portrayed as polygamists and ignorant. In fact if one wanted to do a story about polygamy it would not be an exclusively Mormon issue. There are Muslims and others in the USA who do practice polygamy even if the law recognizes one marriage. The reality is that a child of a second wife can sponsor his mother for an immediate visa. However, news stories never seem to get around to these cases.

The latest bit is a Newsmax story that some Conservatives claim that Romney as part of the board of Marriot Hotels makes a proffit off of X rated films in pay perview format. Marriot is a business that offers a legal product that consumers want. More to the point it does not place a gun to your head and force you to watch it. The hotel industry is a service industry and Marriot
excells in that role.

The media does have an obsession with Walmart. However, this obsession seems to avoid any mention of Hillary Clinton's role with Walmart. This is mot a jab at Walmart that does more to help working families than the far left ever did. One can visit a Walmart especially in rural areas
and see low income Americans doing the best they can with limited resources. Walmart also hires disabled people and senior citizens who would not find work elsewhere.

The critics of Walmart point to goods made in China. However, if these same demented far left critics want China to develop it needs to produce goods. The goods that are produced provide jobs for Chinese workers. One day Justin and I will have to discuss this in a post dedicated to this subject. The demented far lefties cry about poverty in the third world and when companies like Walmart buy products from these same countries then they whine about exploitation. However, as anti-Capitalists they are defacto economic morons by definition. That being said maybe some day Haiti will get the political stability needed to do some of these jobs and make life somewhat better.

It is okay to not want to vote for Romney. Those reasons should not include his religious views or the policies of Marriot.

The home of religious bigotry is still on the far left. One can see plenty of anti-semitic comments
on the Daily Kos and specifically the comments that attack Joe Lieberman. The far left does an amazing job of co-opting the classic language of Stormfront. An example of this was on Sonia's blog with the topic of Scooter Libby. A scathing naked anti-semitic post was posted by LWB that sees the Libby pardon as part and parcel of a Jewish cabal that runs the Bush administration and the USA. How this cabal runs America and convicts a man when no crime was commited remains a mystery? As usual Renegade Eye who saw a need to lecture Rush Limbaugh ignorantly about a satire song "Obama the Magic Negro" remains silent over material clearly lifted from Neonazi site Stormfront. This is not the first time Ren has ignored this type of comment. In fact LWB demonstrates my point about far left acceptance of rabid anti-semitism
and he is my verion of a useful idiot. Sonia did smack him around by pointing out the Nazi like material in his post. Somehow it is funny when Sonia does it but I am at a loss to explain why.

Lets look at the career and life of Mitt Romney and everyone else.

We need to find our Web Expert and develop the next Mr Beamish for President Commercial.
I am working on the immigration ad starring Ducky the demented Communist Poultry and a host of special guests.

Geraldo Rivera is working on a new special on avatar abuse. It seems AC's avatar was beaten to death by Hamas in Gaza and we are familiar with the abduction of Beakerambo. here is a clip

Geraldo: Are you upset that your image is still being used to peddle lunchboxes, action figures
and childrens food products.

Beakerambo: Me me mi cheap bum Beakerkin has all the cash.

Geraldo: What are your plans for the future?

Beakerambo: Me mi me meep Staring with Danny Bonaduce in TV Land Icons Gone Bad.


Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

It is true. Hamas has killed Martyr Mouse.

Anonymous said...

I will not vote for Romney, #1 because he is a Mormon, #2 I don't believe him on his stand on Abortion, #3 I just don't care for him, he comes across as very fake. I would much rather vote for a Christian Independent first.

beakerkin said...

I am okay with two and three and this is within your right. However, can't we leave a man's faith between him and God.

A man's religious faith should be left alone until he makes it public
like Bill Clinton carrying around oversize bibles.

Anonymous said...

Lets say Keith Ellison was running for President, a self professed, Muslim, would you say the same thing?

A persons faith, says a lot about who a person is.

beakerkin said...

In Keith Elison's case we are talking about the NOI. The NOI has nothing to do with Islam. This is not my view but that of Muslims like Stephen Schwartz of the CIP.
Islam does not mention anything about spaceships and mad scientists named Yakoub creating white people.

Ellison's affiliation with CAIR also is a serious problem.

I would have no such concerns with Stephen Schwartz who is clearly a Muslim-American patriot who enjoys and is very much a part of Western Civ. I would examine what the persons record was and who is around them more than the religion.

Jason_Pappas said...

A persons faith, says a lot about who a person is.

It might; or it might not. One would require more that just a label.

Ellison associates with Hamas supporting CAIR. He's complicit in Mickey al-Mouse's death. OK, I jest about Mickey. But CAIR is a Saudi-funded Wahhabbist group that still adheres to the jihadist agenda.

beakerkin said...

I agree with Jason that Ellison's ties with CAIR are the key problem.
His affiliation with the NOI makes this a messy problem.

The other part is who he is running against. I would vote for Ellison before Gomer Kerry

Anonymous said...

I just would not vote in that case.

You and Jason bring up good points about Ellison, I would not vote for him either, and Certainly ties to CAIR, opens up another can of worms.

Problems with Romneys faith, are ligament concerns to Evangelical voters, and those of a Christian faith, who do not see Mormonism as part of the Christian faith, but as a cult off spring of Christianity, and maybe not even that.

In the end, I think we will just disagree on Romneys faith.

Ducky's here said...

So they made it clear that Marriot is one of the largest porn distributors in the country? Good.
GM used to be big also but they sold off that part of the business.
Typical of GM to sell profit making divisions.

beakerkin said...


Adult entertainment is offered by cable companies and your description of Marriot is dead wrong. Moreover, most Hotels in the segment offer the service.

However, I would place the content and morals of your average Pornographer above that of Communist Hacks Chomsky, Finkelstein and Koevel. Pornographers pitch a legal product that is sleazy. All of the others peddle class genocide, property death and human misery.

A pornographer has higher morals than a Communist.

Ducky's here said...

Is Newsmax part of the "liberal" mainstream media?

beakerkin said...

The point about the Pornography is irrelevant. In this day and age it is a service offered by every hotel.

This is a non story.

Funny when Newsmax played the tapes of Bill Clintoooon admiting Osama Bin Ladden was offered to the USA you were singing another tune. Bill Clinton has since banned recording devices at his speeches.

Ducky's here said...

Actually Beak, China is a threat to third world development. Look at what its textile industry has done to other countries.

Walmart's policies have actually managed to lower the standard of living in Bangladesh. Pretty freakin' impressive.

Then you have the problem with the Chinese currency. This has caused serious problems for countries such as South Africa which has seen the Rand appreciate and hurt its export market.

Come back when you have a least a minimal study of economics.

beakerkin said...

Ducky since when do you care about standard of living? Every time Communism is applied we hear about great health care.

Walmart did not lower the standard of living in Bangladesh. Walmart works through vendors like most huge retailers.

In an ideal world the jobs Walmart creates will spur growth. It is now too expensive to make most garments in Singapore and South Korea. Walmart is Haiti's best hope.

China will eventually become too expensive to produce in. When Justin shows up this will be an interesting conversation.

Ducky's here said...

The jobs pay subsistence wages. How do the jobs spur growth?

Possibly you're thinking of corporate profits for the oligarchy. That doesn't filter down.

Is China going to run out of low wage labor any time soon? Please explain.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Romney's religion concerns me only in the fact that its impossible to study Mormonism with a rational mind and not come away with the sense that its a scam.

None of Mormonism's archeological / historical / biological claims have a basis in fact.

If you don't believe two tribes of Jews came to America and one wiped out the other and God cursed the survivors with dark Native American skin for their sins, you can't have faith in Mormonism.

It's bad enough that the remnant descendants of Joseph Smith's terrorist bodyguards, "the Danites," still infect southwest Missouri with their white supremacist "Christian Identity" nonsense.

So, it's not that I dislike Romney for his Mormonism.

It's just that, if he's stupid enough to fall for Mormonism, what else will he buy?

Jungle Mom said...

Trying to catch up!! Hello from Florida.

beakerkin said...

Jungle Mom

I am glad you are back in saftey and out of Hugo's pest hole. American companies are pulling their employees out.

Mr B

I do not buy that story about the tribes of Israel in America. However, if those who wish to believe do it is their choice.

I may pester Rob and Justin on the radio. I understand that this is not a popular faith, but I just do not understand what it is about Mormonism that bothers some Christians who are not prone to being rash.


Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong all started out in light manufacturing and built a tax base.
The best way to help the third world is to stop the handouts. Let countries with Marxist misrule starve and get people employed.

sonia said...


A pornographer has higher morals than a Communist.

That's not a very high praise, but I will take it. Actually, Romney's 'pornographic' activities is the only good thing about him. Otherwise, he is a far worse choice for President than Rudy Guiliani, Fred Thompson or even John McCain, Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton... He only beats that class-warfare-monger John Edwards.

Sonia did smack him around by pointing out the Nazi like material in his post. Somehow it is funny when Sonia does it but I am at a loss to explain why.

Poles usually don't find people who tell Polish jokes ridiculous, because they are too angry to laugh at those fools.

Similarly, Jews often fail to see how funny anti-semites are, because they also are too angry about anti-semitism to laugh.

But to objective outside observers, anti-semitic rants are among the most hilarious, ridiculous and screamingly funny pieces of incoherent (and contradictory) utterances ever recorded...

Russet Shadows said...

If you want to know why this Christian won't be voting for Romney, I'll tell you why -- it's because Mormonism is simply untrue. Untrue things mess up individuals, and I think you can see that if you take a look at what ex-Mormons say, and the history of Mormonism. I won't go all into it but to say that it's not hard to find if you're interested in the subject.

I think Romney should have a place in any Republican administration, though. I can see him as Press Secretary, especially.

z said...

I guess I wouldn't mind Romney's religion so much if they didn't refer to themselves as Christians and have such very basic differences with Christianity...fundamental differences. Be Mormon. Maybe I'll vote for you, depending on whether or not I agree with your stances on the important topics, but, don't tell me you're a Christian and believe what you do.

Having said that, I will vote for him if he is the Republican nominee because I think he's got a good head on his shoulders re: finance/business, and I thought his telling Harvard to get stuffed when they wanted Mass. to pay for the security detail of an islamist they brought in to lecture was fabulous.

The hotel porno accusation is absolutely NUTS. Talk about a ridiculous point.

beakerkin said...


I may go on Rob's show and ask what is it about Mormonism that causes this reaction. Okay, we know that some of it is objectionable such as Polygamy. We do understand some of it seems silly.

However, I can not fathom this type of negativity. Even the Duck who is a Commie doesn't draw the same reaction.

Would some of us have similar feelings towards Hinduism or a Zorastrian. My inclination is probably not and it is curious.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


The Mormon Tablenacle in Salt Lake City, Utah is the only place in the world where you as an actual Jew can be referred to as a Gentile and forbidden entrance.

You hate replacement theology? Mormonism is it squared.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

It's the replacement theology aspect of Mormonism that gets it for me. Well, that and they won't discuss theology over coffee and a cigarette.

Not only are they "the real Jews," they're the "real Christians" too.

Muslims should sue Mormons for copyright infringement.

beakerkin said...

I have heard about that, but that is okay if not amusing. I need my Mountain Dew, but if they want to live without it fine.

It seems more quirky than odious.

Anonymous said...

Replacement Theology is nothing new, there are some Christian Denominations still preaching this heresy.

Warren said...

Nostradumbass said:
"The jobs pay subsistence wages. How do the jobs spur growth?"

And leftist/socialist, nitwits like you, would deny them subsistance.

And speaking of economic retards, where did you get your degree, the Fidel Castro whore house and school of economics?

Like I've said before, Mitt Romney seems to be an honest politician.

As near as I can tell, he has did exactly what he said he was going to do in every political race he has run. If he says that as POTUS, he will govern as a conservative, I have no doubt that he will do that.

The problem that I have with him is that he doesn't seem to have core beliefs. I don't care if he's a Mormon.

Senator Orrin Hatch, is a Mormon, which most people don't know, and few conservatives would hesitate to vote for him.

Granted, he has a much better conservative track record than Mitt Romney but we should listen to what Romney has to say before we throw him under the bus.

(I'm rooting for Thompson)