Sunday, July 29, 2007

Communist Randoids

Now joining the ranks of Capitalist and private property owners is the brain impaired Trostkyite
with a soft spot for terrorists and Nazis is Renegade Eye. Ren agrees that people who publish their blogs should be free from unwanted comments and harassment. In fact the person who advocates stealing farms and forcing people onto collectives now claims blog ownership.

Ren and I agree that we OWN our blogs. However, he seems to think it is funny when his good friend John Brown/LWB place 300 plus comments on this blog and those of others. He also seems to think it is amusing when Brown threatens to molest children and knowingly place Native Americans, Jews and others in a Klanwatch section. The creation of the Mullah Beak satire speaks more to Brown's need to broadcast personal details about his sex life. Did we really need to know Brown plays Abu Gharib with the guys over at the Emma Lazurus Commune?

Ren seems to have a funny view of what is hate speech. Lets see my claim that there is no Palestinian ethnicity is considered hate speech. LWB calling Jews Khazars or John Brown making a similar claim about AshkeNAZI (Brown's spelling) is peachy. Why does the PLO charter have the terms Arab unity and Palestinian Arab all over the place if they are not in fact generic Arabs.

Lets go into what is and what is not hate speech. Ren has endorsed the scholarship and tactics of Norman Finkelstein who frequently makes Israel/Nazi in routine discourse. However, Ren goes haywire when he is compared to Jim Jones, Ayers, Dorn, Pol Pot, Stalin and Castro who all share a common philosophy. Moreover, Ren does not object when Brown calls Jews Nazis, Native Americans Samboes and all of the above Klansmen. Nor does Ren object when Brown/LWB post and call American Jews who support Israel traitors. The truth is he does share a philosophy with Pol Pot, but they merely disagree on implementation.

MFL complains that there are plenty of Non Arabs in the middle east. We agree with the incoherent MFL that there are plenty of non-Arabs JOOOS, Koooords, Berboooors, Coooopts, Asyriooooons and those troublesome Bloooocks in Sudan who have the nerve to get in the way of class genocide. Moreover, these Nonmuslims non-Arabs are forced to live under Sharia in Jim Crow like conditions today. Kurds and Berbers have been under Arab Hegemony for quite a while and are Mooooooslim. Yet all logic is tossed in the wind when Arabs with no claim to an ethnicity decide they are indigenous on lands they have invaded when they have ample land in abundance. Repeating the great lie endlessly does not create a Psuedostinian ethnicity.

Arabs as oppressed people really is a comedic prospect given their history of colonialism. Jews were ethnically cleansed from Jordan in 1920 and in the rest of the region after 1948. Jewish refugees were settled and Arabs used theirs as human hockey pucks. Having created one ethnically cleansed state in 1920 Arabs sought a Judenfrei middle east and the rallying cry in 1948 up until after 1967 a war Communist Stooge Nasser provoked was elimination of a Joooish state. There was no talk of Psuedostinians or Pseudostine until after 1967.

Palestine was a mere region on the map with less of a claim to an ethnicity than Brooklyn. There are Brooklynites but they have no connection to the Canarsie indians. So far we have heard the theory the basis for this Psuedostinian ethnicity is a local dialect. Brooklyn and the residents of Boston have regional accents. Elizabeth claims that Psuedostinians have a unique pottery style
and folk dancing. The Bronx is believed to be the home of Brakedancing and nor would a unique style of pottery that does not exist be the basis of an ethnicity anymore than a unique type of crack pipe would create one in a crack house.

The bottom line is if Palestinians are in fact ordinary Arabs there is zero case for Pseodostine.
Arabs should settle their own refugees like everyone else on the planet. MFL is kept in a refugee camp by a myth concocted by Commies and raised to a religion by greedy Arabs who posses an abundance of land allready. As a self described Marxist that would be a prison of his own creation.

One of the interesting facets of who was given this imaginary ethnicity is that it applied to people who had resided in Israel for a mere two years. The majority of those in Gaza were Egyptian in origin. Moreover, most of those who were in Israel were moved from other regions
In the same manner that Jews came from Poland. Arabs and other Mulisms often moved into the region by Ottoman fiat (Not Arab). Thus MFL clings to a myth of a stable Pseudostinian people have been there from Time Immemorial. Funny when one reads the work of Josephus there is no mention of Palestinians as a contemporary people. This ethnicity also does not appear in the New Testament. In fact why Arabs would use a Roman word to designate themselves is a mystery.

Islam was spead by the sword and it is the theolgical justification of predatory behavior by nomadic people. Arabs invaded in the seventh century and are not indigenous to Israel. The indigenous people were subjected to Jimcrow, enslaved and had their children confiscated to form the Janisarry corps. Moreover, unlike Western Colonialism, Islamocolonialism is still oppressing indigenous people today on lands they are not indigenous upon.

Moreover, a typical donkey comment comes from G. "Missionaries are the worst people in the world because they force their views on others". This comes from a person who endorses theft of property often by violence and forces people onto collectives. G also ignores Islamocolonialism
and IslamoJim Crow and forcing their theological laws on others. G and Ren are not unique with the Western Civ eeeeevil and feigning ignorance of their Islamic counterparts.

Moreover, this denial is quite odd and lets look at American history. Do I as an American Patriot deny the wrongs commited to Indians and those enslaved? Of course I do not deny those wrongs as they are part of my history. Moreover, as an American I consider Indians and Blacks to be equal members of my American family. Indians and Blacks proudly serve in our nations Armed forces. Moreover, I welcome those who join of their free will as equals. I salute the men from the Philipinnes,Sierra Leone and Guyana who serve in our Armed forces. The Editrix is a German and wouldn't think of denying the Holocaust or the use of poison gas in WW I. I seriously doubt Jams would deny any of the more odious abuses in the history of the UK. Thus the denial or mitigation of the genuine crimes of Islamic and Communist history are quite odd.

Communists like to hold Israel, the USA and Western Civ under a microscope. However, they start to go insane when even basic scrutiny of Communist regimes or the party line is questioned. The first part of the game is to deny the despot in question is communist. The second part is to blame the USA for the repression. The third part is to call exiles liars. Part four is to dehumanize the exiles and those who were slaughtered. Part five is to do backflips and pretend the regime wasn't communist. Pol Pot wasn't a communist because he was nationalist. The Baath or Arab Socialist party has nothing to do with socialism. All the problems in Cuba are because of the boycott. but Boycott Israel for exisiting as a democracy with great health care and litteracy ( this only seems to matter in Cuba) for being on Arab soil.

Now Ren and I both agree that we have the right to post as we please. Ren 100% has the right to place flat earth economics, mad magazine history and Neonazi commentary from LWB.
However, just as Ren values his space we value our own. If Ren wants peace he must do turn to John Brown who denies the freedoms he seeks on others. For the record Ren was never spammed by me and all comments by me were original.This is much different than Brown dumping 300 plus identical comments on my site. Moreover, Ren has never made a coherent point. The best he can come up with is cries of racist to people who are non-racial. Moreover, every single comment on his site was on topic. He also does not object when John Brown brings Israel into posts on Venezuela.

A word to Brown your behavior will cause misery anywhere you post. I would you to consider the annoyance it has caused your friend and comwads ( combination commie dickwads). If Ren is a friend of yours you should consider the consequences of your behavior.

I am very proud of my grandfather who was a Polish calvaryman and a patriot. He served proudly and with honor in a nation that considered him a second class citizen. He was very good at shooting Commies in the head, but it was in combat. Moreover Bolshevik savages led by Renegade's hero noted Communist dumbass Trotsky invaded his homeland. A soldier defending his home from Communist agression is a hero. Commies like Ren who idolize the assassination of Kulaks and others who resist collectivization are Nazi like. Ren has also defended the Soviet- Nazi alliance to divide Europe. My Grandfather was a skilled marksman in a cavalry unit who was locally famous for shooting Commies in the head at long distances. The Bolsheviks invaded his country and he did his best to send them home in HEAD COFFINS. It seemed the mighty commie army believed its own BS. There was no mass of Polish peasants waiting to join the revolution. Those few who expressed sympathy for Communism were considered traitors.

My Grandfather loved America where he was proud to say this is my home. He also was proud of the Jewish state and visiting it was one of the highlights of his life. He viewed Communism as both a mental and moral defect. Communists in his view were loathsome insane people who were capable of any unimaginable evil in the name of their insane pipe dream fantasies. He saw Nazism as a mere variation of the same evil you endorse.

History points exactly to what happened to those who do not defend themselves. The Katyn forrest contains a crime commies like Ren knowingly blammed on the Nazis. Many of the people who were assassinated at Katyn were Polish patriots and military men. Commies executed these defenseless people with a bullet in the neck.

Your kind is only brave with starving defenseless people. People who still praise the slaughter of Kulaks should not lecture anyone.

Beamish in 08


sonia said...

All the problems in Cuba are because of the boycott. but Boycott Israel for exisiting as a democracy with great health care and litteracy ( this only seems to matter in Cuba) for being on Arab soil.

Bingo. This is a perfect example of the leftist hypocrisy at its worst.

He served proudly and with honor in a nation that considered him a second class citizen.

True, but remember that in pre-1800's Poland, while Jews were indeed second-class citizens (behind first-class citizens - nobility), 70% of Polish Christians (the peasants) were third-class citizens, with even fewer rights than Jews...

Many of the people who were assassinated at Katyn were Polish patriots and military men.

And almost 10% of those Polish patriot officers assassinated at Katyn were Jews (not surprising since pre-war Poland was almost 10% Jewish).

Those 280 Jewish names among Katyn officers were extremely embarassing to the Nazis when they discovered Katyn graves in 1943 and invited foreign journalists from Sweden, Switzerland and other countries to see those graves and those lists of names.

The Nazis propaganda always claimed that all Jews were Stalinists, and here the Nazis themselves uncovered proof how Polish Jews were slaughtered by the Stalinists.

Btw, Katyn's victims also included a women officer of the Polish air force. That was a tradition going back to 1830 when women were already officers in the Polish army (Emilia Plater was the first Polish colonel... back in 1830)...

I can imagine Polish women in the 1820's arguing, 'if Jews can serve in the Polish army, then we can serve too...'

beakerkin said...


I do remember the story of the female Airforce Officer at Katyn.
I was unaware that 10% of the victims of Katyn were Jewish. Yet the more important point was Communists knowingly lied for decades about this crime and many others.

Ducky's here said...

Still carrying water for Baruch Goldstein. Way to go Beak.

Jason_Pappas said...

That's funny that your "friend" Ren doesn't believe in ownership except when it's his.

It reminds me of an amusing story. Back in the 60s when I was an undergraduate I stumble across a talk at my school (CCNY, the "Harvard of the Proletarian") where Mark Rudd was supposed to speak. At this point SDS had split into the Weatherman and the Labor Committee (which may or may not have been a Larouche splinter group ... who I once saw debate a libertarian but that's another story.) Apparently, the two groups wouldn't let anyone speak because each claimed to be the real heirs to SDS while the other was a fascist enemy of the working-class.

What was amusing is that in the middle of the argument over should give the talk, an acquaintance of mine interrupted and asked who reserved the room -- as if property rights meant something to these commie/anarchists. There was complete silence and blank stares. What was this capitalist-simpleton talking about? In the middle of a revolution he's asking about room-reservations?

OK, it's not as funny as Woody's "Bananas" -- but that's the way it went down. Now, I seem to remember a fellow there wearing a button with a picture of a Daffy Duck ... could it be?

Ducky's here said...

Hey Beak, how about something about the Warsaw uprising? I'd enjoy seeing which one you describe.

Talk about Communist crimes. Sitting on the outskirts of Warsaw while ythey let the Nazis exterminated a quarter of a million Poles.

Ducky's here said...

Jason was a narc? Why else would he have been there. Bummer,man.

Ducky's here said...

... and why don't you worry about something important like how the New York Spankees are going to improve their pitching if they want to make a run for the wildcard?

Jason_Pappas said...

Narc? LOL. I’m too much of a libertarian.

Perhaps that was you visiting from Cooper Union. It's not far from Astor Place to CCNY. Not as close as Kathy Boudin’s place … or where her place once stood. An old hang-out of yours? We’re you the 3rd person seen leaving on that fateful day in 1970?