Sunday, March 11, 2012

Media BS

Most of us grasp the American essence is of individual rights handed down in our founding documents. Our country is open to all who share those values and respect others. Communists, Racial power nuts and theocrats do not share those values and are not American even when they spend lifetimes in our country.

My dispute with a former friend who attempted to pollute partiotism with the foul ideas of racialism. The media and the public readily grasp the foul ideas of Stormfront, Amren and so forth. Those of you who think that those on the right enorse this crap should witness a true American Patriot like Mr. B kicking the crap out of the KKK morons.

We have a President who has supported the mirror image of the KKK type racialism. He has never come out and explained his support for an off the planet racialist group rights far left Prof. Bell. Obama regularly used his writtings as required readings for classes he taught. How a person with vulgar anti american core values was ever hired at a top University remains a mystery. Would the same University have accomodated a Prof. with similar statements with the races reversed, not likely.

Fast forward the same bug eyed radical student sits in a racist church for decades and doesn't notice the racial venom spewed from its pastor  and the vulgar anti-Americanism that is a core value of the cult church. The media allowed Obama to describe Pastor Wright as a nutty beloved Uncle. Sorry, but a White President pulling this routine would have been finnished.

The media never went near the Bill Ayers story. Describing a famed terrorist as Bill from the neighborhood and an educator is a laughable excuse we would not accept from an 8 year old. Even the loathsome Ayers when questioned on this cried about guilt by association. Ayers still does not grasp that outside his academic
gulag he is a pariah.

When and where did Obama renounce the odious racims and seething hatreds of Wright and Bell?


Tragedy101 said...

I don't know, Beak: Could you point me to another president who supported racial cleansing of blacks in a foreign country?

beakerkin said...

This administration is an embarassment and the media has done a lousy job.