Sunday, March 04, 2012

Murder at the Pump

Gas prices have exploded under the failed Presidents watch. Reducing gas prices for the consumer is quite easy. Increasing domestic energy consumption creates jobs and keeps prices lower for all Americans.

The truth is that Obama really is so beholden to his far left environmental freakazoid  friends that he really misses the boat on this one. Many of his friends are more interested in keeping gas prices high so that their hero Hugo does not get deposed.

Gasoline taxes are a leftist assault on the lives of rural Americans. When I was in Vermont it was not uncommon to have coworkers who drove 50 miles to work each way. The notion that the government should tax fuel to decrease consumption  is in reallity akin to lefties telling rural folks let them eat tofu.

Rouge nations like Iran have no respect for President Wet Noodle. The military has continued to do a good job despite his inept leadership. Iran is free to saber rattle and support terrorists and the thug regime in Syria. Left unsaid is that the thug regime in Syria is a far left supported and approved tyranny. The usual amount of verbiage said by commies, like Duncy, about Syria is zero while they drone on and on about them Jews and Arabs demanding more ethnically cleansed real estate.

While Americans are being fleeced at the pump what do the Bolshevik media morons feed us "Limbaugh Called a Woman a Slut". Lost in the translation, lefties trying to force birth control pills as an insurance mandate. Of course the more things mandated onto policies the higher premiums become. Sorry, but with the outrageous tuition costs subsidized by the public these costs are trivial.

The imbeciles crying about the cost of birth control pills are quite silent about the robery at the fuel pump or lowering gas taxes. It is more important that entitlements and mandates grow exponentially while leftist special ed economics ( moronics) wonder why the economy is a mess.

Beamish in 12


Ducky's here said...

Rouge nations? What's a rouge(sic) nation.

Is it like a red nation, commies?

beakerkin said...

Lets see Communism is actually a paper thin rationale for criminality. When are you going to show us your new film I was a Teenage Keystone Terrorist or Little Lord Fauntleroy on LSD the Life and times of Bill Ayers.

Make the planet a better place and emulate the example of your fellow communist Jim Jones. I have some Flavor Aide saved up from when I visited Guyana for you.

Always On Watch said...

You're back! I was getting quite worried about you.

Always On Watch said...

The notion that the government should tax fuel to decrease consumption is in reallity akin to lefties telling rural folks let them eat tofu.

No doubt.

And let us not forget that many in the Northeast heat with oil. Frankly, most of us instituted conservation measures long ago, and still we see our heating costs rocket to the moon.

Some have suggested that we who heat with oil convert to natural gas. Fine idea -- except that the conversion costs well over $8000.

Obama and his cohorts don't give a damn about "the little people." The oligarchs, etc., can well afford the rising cost of gasoline; hell, many of them are driving gas guzzlers. Check out the government vehicles, for example.

Ducky's here said...

What percentage of the pump price is the gas tax, Beak?

Which contributes more to the price, the gas tax or Likud ass nuggets threatening a strike on Iran?

beakerkin said...


Thank God for the mild winter. One of my friends in VT has a wood burning back up that he uses. Last year money was tight as the winter was cold and he saved plenty.


Leave it to you to miss the saber rattling of Iran and attempt to blame an Arabist leftist debacle
to keep prices high on dem Joooos.
Gas prices are sold at replacement value but as a commie you know zero
about markets.

Gas and utility taxes are an assault by the left on working people. It is time that real Americans started to look at waste and featherbedding in education and in healthcare two areas controlled by the left.

Ducky's here said...

Actually, Beak, you're full of it.

The gas tax is regressive and the poor and working class do pay. That is partially alleviated by the lower income taxes paid by the poor and working class a situation that folks like z and AOW abhor.

So get it straight.

beakerkin said...


You and your kind are the bane of Americas working class. Your no results leftist education and health care rackets rape the wallets of working folk.

Then lefties decided to abuse the poor to help their sham enviromental religion and Hugo on their dime.

Don't worry the idiots at OWS are too stupid and drug impaired to ever figure it out.