Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What is wrong with the Left

Many long term readers know I am to the left of most of my readers. Often I am asked how did a person like myself end up as a lifelong Republican.

1) Those on the left have consistently failed to step away from the Communists. There is zero excuse for allowing Marxists of any type to run around like they are moral beacons. Their kind has failed in every application often disasterously.

2) I embrace my countries traditions and history. I don't look to the EU or  thug like despots in Latin America for enlightenment. Let Europe be Europe and let America stay faithful to the wisdom of our founders.

3) The left really does a nasty job of creating jobs. They place imaginary concenrs about the environment over jobs for working class families.

4) The left spends too much time bashing cops and not enough time on law enforcement. Sorry, but running around with an image of a guilty cop killer at rallies is not for me.

5) Pathological hatred of Jews and far too much investment in Arab refugees who refuse to live in peace.

6) Respect for property rights

7) Intrusion into what I eat the type of toilet I can buy.....

8) Disrespect for our servicemen

9) Social engineering has been a disaster

10) Arrogance towards people of faith.

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beamish said...

This country thinks Mitt Romney is a conservative.

Long Live King Obama.