Thursday, December 01, 2005

Visine Republicans

I am going to start a comedic new wing of the Republican Party the Visine Wing. The Visine wing is dedicated to geting the Reds and the Jihadists into their proper place in America Guantanamo. The time has come for a new type of Republicanism. The Country Club polite approach doesn't work and lets face it is no fun.

The Country Club GOP sees Cindy Sheehan as a grieved mother..... The Visine wing points out her son had more sense then her mother and Sheehans numerous Communist affiliations and anti Semitic statements. The mainstream media gives Sheehan a pass but the visine wing does not.

Reds, Greens and Anarchists are disproportionately represented in Academia. If student diversity is important then so must ideological diversity. The ultimate way to deal with the imbalance is to demand a new 12 credit business requirement be worked into the 64 credit basic liberal arts requirement. Less jobs for Ward Churchill types and graduates with a clue about business is a win win situation.

When dealing with Communists like Ducky or 167 come right out . The Duck and 167 come right out and repeat every cliche so show them no mercy. Patriotic dissent like B, Bum from Jersey and others should be treated with respect. All we ask is that you step away from the Commies. The fact that the Peace Movement is led by Communist Front Groups is an indictment against the movement as a whole. I will not listen to any message from Code Pink, ANSWER and UPJ and will ridicule those that participate in marches with them.

The question of if we have courage is an open one. I see plenty of angry sanctimonious left types getting free passes with facts. The time has come for us to
have fun and ruffle feathers. Apply the Zinn arguments espoused by the left against the West to Islam and Communism and watch the far left squirm.

Some leftist vermin types were kidnapped by Muslim terrorists in Iraq. Do not lift a finger to help. For way too long we have allowed far left Rachel Corrie types to interject themselves into foriegn policy. Let those people get what is coming to them like Lori Berenson. Zarqawi is you want to behead the vermin from the CPT make our day. The members of the CPT have never used their heads anyway. While I would not celebrate the death of such Commie dupe fools they placed themselves in harms way . No doubt if they are beheaded they will scream it is the fault of the zionists as the sons of Allah chant Allah Ahkbar and remove their empty heads.

This may seem strident but I am tired of the self absorbed clueless far left interjecting themselves where they do not belong. Can I go to Iran and protect the peaceful Bhai ? Can I go to Egypt and protect the Copts from Muslim thugs. You can name Rachelm "Pancake " Corrie but can you name the victims of any suicide bombing. The four Commie US nuns in Central America were all over the papers. The same papers stood silent as the Sandanistas massacred Indians with helicopters.

It is time we take off the genteel gloves and pull out the visine.


Kyle said...

Unlike you I DO celbrate the death of commie dupes. These people are every bit as reprehensible as neo-nazis or any other fanatical scum. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Storm said...

I love it every time these liberals commies tell us we should just sit down at the same table with these terrorists. I say you liberals go first. I have some good news you will never hear the exposion that blows your body to bits and I will thank your relatives for taking out another terrorist.

Like many I have mixed feelings about these hapless idiots only now do they understand the garbage the left fed them. They thought they could reason with these folks.

Mr. Ducky said...

"Some leftist vermin type were kidnapped in iraq. Don't lift a finger."

There's a good look at the Beak's world. Aid workers face death in iraq and screw them. A few jews loose body parts in a pizzaria and the whole world has to take immediate notice and deploy armed forces.

Storm said...

Mr. Ducky

I doubt any of use are so cruel as to be happy about the fate of these folks. We simply want to point out the absolute fallacy of trying to negotiate with terrorists.

Their actions were noble indeed to try to help those in need.

However, I am sure no one on the left will rush in to save these fine folks from themselves. Those on the left will expect the same people they criticized to find these fine folks and rescue them.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Mr. Ducky,

Those aid workers are in the care of Iraq's "Minutemen," aren't they?

Warren said...

CPT/ Christian Peacemaker Teams
Anti-war NGO with a strong, pro-Palestinian militant, anti-Israel agenda

Repeatedly condemns Israeli government policies, while making no mention of the Palestinian terror campaign

Maintains a seasonal presence along the Arizona/ Mexico border, where it conducts what it describes as "a campaign to challenge U.S. immigration policies that result in hundreds of migrant deaths in the dessert every summer"

Maintains a continuous presence in Iraq, protesting the U.S.-led invasion and blaming America for inflicting great suffering on the Iraqi people

From their website:
"We are angry because what has happened to our teammates is the result of the actions of the U.S. and U.K. governments due to the illegal attack on Iraq and the continuing occupation and oppression of its people."
(PLEASE, wipe the foam from your lips!)

They're just another "Christian" leftist organization that presents its Antisemitism as anti-violence/anti-war.

In other words, they're ducky's kind of self deluded nut jobs.

Always On Watch said...

Ducky: A few jews loose body parts in a pizzaria and the whole world has to take immediate notice and deploy armed forces.
What an asinine statement! There's a lot more going on than that. The death of innocents who don't fit into one of your favored categories doesn't bother you?

Storm: I doubt any of use are so cruel as to be happy about the fate of these folks.
But Duck seems not to care, based on what I've been reading here. Maybe I'm missing the point, and maybe Duck is trying to be funny. Doesn't seem funny to me, though.

Mr. Ducky said...

Don't get pompous AOW. My reaction should not be seen as a reaction to the events but as a reaction to Beak.

Beak believes in exceptionalism and does not value any life he perceives to be "leftist" or "muslim" and I'm sure there are others. He subscribes to the digusting idea that one people's history is the touchstone for understanding human misery and cruelty. That in iteslf is enough to dismiss him but also he isn't very bright.

So if you want to cop an attitude, fine but don't be surprised if there are some who try to put things in a larger perspective and find plenty to condemn in the mid east and don't be surprised if some people understand that everybody's shit stinks over there. Frankly, I find your need to believe you project a moral authority due to your supposed staus as a believer to be naive and dangerous and the source of much slaughter.

Storm said...

Mr. Ducky can I get the English translation? Excuse but perhaps you were on a different planet for the last oh 30 years.

The terrorists did not start trying to kill Westerners in general and Americans in Particular with George W. Bush's Presidency. Is your brain so small you can not recall Bierut 1980's, U.S.S. Cole 1999ish, African Embassy bombings 1998ish, WTC 1998 bombings, Somalia, and many many more. Can you not see the terrorists hate Westerners? No John Kerry nuance just plain and simple hatred. This situation lays that bare for any one with a brain and eyes. These folks went over their to express their support for the terrorists and right now they are facing beatings, torture and likely will end up separated from their heads.

Mr. Ducky said...

Yeah, "the terrorists". We've seen these nutlogs through history... Red Brigades, Bader-Meinhof, Greek seperatists.

This stuff isn't new. What is new is the current administration's cynical use of the attack to bring fear and hate to the American population. 9-11 probably could have been stopped if we hadn't beenso over confident.

You lecture someone on history and think that the al-Qaeda embassy bombings are something unusual? really, that's ironic.

Meanwhile I will remind Beak, my little Kahanist that israel was founded through terrorism. There is absolutely no way around that truth. I'm not saying the tactic wasn't necessary but I am saying that self righteouss jerks like Beak should pay less attention to Daniel Pipes and B'at Shit and his other favorites and get educated.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Yeah, yeah, Ducky.

So, when does the Leftist 200 Million Martyrs and still no Utopia protest marches begin?

Always On Watch said...

Why is okay for you to cop an attitude but for nobody else to do so?

Frankly, I find your need to believe you project a moral authority due to your supposed staus as a believer to be naive and dangerous and the source of much slaughter.
My being a believer gives me no moral authority nor does it give me any status. What gave you that idea?

Believer or not, I have the right to express my opinions. So I will, and I won't apologize for them, either.

Get your own blog to fulfill your needs instead of resorting to ad feminam attacks.

Double E said...

i have been working since the late 50's to change them gov. from Demoncrap dominated to a Republican majority Gov. Now the "saviors" are morphing into the Democrats and the Democrats are morphing into "Blame America Firsters" My Dad was right "the politicans won't see the light until they feel the heat." No not political pressure they have insulated themselves fron it. "Blood must flow in the streets before the politicans will act." Maybe Jefferson was right, "The tree of liberty must refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."
I was hoping America would be better than this.

Double E said...

Changing the subject. Are the SAM's Iran is buying from Russia the same ones that the US military used for target practice fron 1990 to 2003?
The real news should be Isreal bought over 500 bunker buster bombs and dozens of MOAB's from the US a couple of years ago.
Questions: Who has underground nuclear facilities within fling range of Isreal? What kind of facilities are BB bombs and MOAB's designed to destroy? What countries newly ellected president has pledged to destroy Isreal?
Double E