Monday, December 19, 2005

Arthur Miller's Projection

Anyone who has gone to school in the late seventies or later has had to endure the mediocrity of reading the Crucible. Miller looks at current events and like most Commies gets it wrong. He tries to tie the antics of HUAC and Senator McCarthy to the Salem witch trials. The obvious problem was there was no such thing as witchcraft but Communist were and still are an obvious menace. The reason they deny party membership is that they were foriegn subversives and today they are traitors. Long term readers know that I call 167 and the Duck Communists. However I do not call
antiwar liberals like Rob Bayn Communists. Bayn and I disagree on the war but he does not run around touting Marx or comparing the country he loves to Iran. One can be anti Iraq war without being a Commie dupe. However, when one goes to a " Peace" protest one can not miss the treasonous Commies leading and organizing. I will never march with Commies, Racial Power Goons or Jihadist. At your average "Peace" protest you have two out of three elements represented. If the NOI sends a contingent you have all three.

I have read most of Ronald Radosh and David Horowitz's writings. The witch hunt element is most appropriate when people start to question the orthodoxy of the absurd party lines. Radosh was a Communist who wrote a book confirming the obvious Julius Rosenberg was guilty. He sacraficed his wife and made his kids into orphans rather then betray his idiotic belief in Communism. Radosh was harassed and shunned by long time friends who acknowledged he was telling the truth. David Horowitz also recounts a similar story in Radical son. Horowitz and Radosh were raised in Commie families and this meant added pressure. One can read dozens of the same type of stories if one is lucky enough to get a copy of Second Thoughts.

People who leave the Communist orthodoxy are treated as "apostates". A comedic example of this is known Commie apologist Noam Chomsky refered to Horowitz who he will not debate as a former Stalinist. Anyone familiar with Horowitz knows he was a Commie but never a Stalanist. This acusation coming from the same person who backed the Khmer Rouge, made Jane Fonda type broadcasts in Vietnam and consorts with Holocaust deniers is comedic.

The pattern of behavior with Communist surpression of dissent in America and repression of artistic freedom abroad makes Millers analogy wrong on all counts. Communists were and are still traitors and apologists for a movement rife with death,mayhem and repression. The obvious question is if there was such a tight dragnet Miller himself should have been at the top of the list. Yet Boris Pasternak and Solzenityn had to leave the artists paradise to publish their work. Their is also the extreeme hypocrisy of Miller remaining silent as two Jewish artists who were friends of Miller were killed by Stalin . The party killed Jewish artists Michaels and Feffer who were friends of Miller and Robeson but they never lifted a single finger and remained silent.

Communism is not an alternative political philosophy. It is a dangerous seditious
ideology who zealot like followers will say or do anything the party tells them. The next time a Commie ( not Rob Bayn) rails about theocracy talk about the party line.
One can come here and readily see dissent and disagreement between myself and close friends Warren, Beamish, Esther, Always and Jason. There is no litmus test here and friends do disagree but remain friends.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to Gitmo and 167 to the woodshed


Anonymous said...

...and who can forget Lillian Hellman's "Watch on the Rhine" (1941), that portrayed the HEROIC communist efforts in Germany as anti-Nazism and anti-fascism in what was really a street battle between the two for totalitarian control of the German nation.

and they're still paying the anti-fascism card to this very day, despite the record of Lenin, Stalin, et al. Anti-fascist. LOL!


beakerkin said...

Horrowitz and Radosh have nothing but scorn for Hellman. That movie you mention was in the book along with Mission to Moscow. They do not seem to be shown that much even on TNT.

Anonymous said...

Miller's version of why he wrote The Crucible.


Always On Watch said...

Excellent post here! I sent a link for this to one of my students who acts. This particular student performed in a local-theatre production of The Crucible some time back but is a savvy students and wasn't fooled by the "hidden message."

Great link! You always know where to go to get the info.

Anonymous said...

I probably ought to join Googler's Anonymous when I'm not skimmin' from Wikipedia. Wish I could say I could always rely on the old noggin'.


Always On Watch said...

The older I get, the more I forget. Hehehe.

But I know the sources to refresh my memory.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Just when I had thought I could put the useless drek of overrated hacks in a category marked "shit I had to read in high school" I encountered having to read The Crucible in two university level philosophy classes and a political science course.

I think the point of it all was that historically verifiable information doesn't resonate with teachers as much as hallucinatory riffs shoehorned into "poignant" allegories. Critically acclaimed dogshit! Dig for the peanut!

Mr. Ducky said...

Memory of Two Mondays was has always been a favorite of mine by Miller. Sort of a warmup for Daeth of a Salesman.

The Randroids hated it.