Saturday, December 03, 2005

Being a Visine American Would You Worry about Charles Manson's Feelings

Rule number one is do not worry about the feelings of Communists, Jihadists , Racial Power Dunces or Anarchists. With the possible exception of Jihadism people chose ideas that a certifiably stupid. Take out the visine and use them as comedic props. Muslims are born into the madness and there are some good Muslims. Sadly they have done a collective zero about terrorism . The second one starts the Jihad is struglle rope a dope or rationalizing a history of brutality or terror take out the visine.

Lets take the Duck for example as a pathologicaly deranged Marxist antisemite. The focus of this blog has generaly been proAmerica,anticommunist and prowar. Even for a Jewish blog we spend little time on the subject of Israel. Yet even in a conversation about Renior Ducky still brings up the Jews. 167 is a Danish Communist living in the UK and about half of his comedy blog revolves around an Elmer Fudd fixations about Zionism. On 7-07 his city was blown up by Jihadist Filth 33 are dead but he blames Israeli methods for a police accident. 147 even absurdly post the heading Jooooish Question on his blog and wonders why people call him an antisemite.

Take out the visine and your caustic wit and have fun. Never appologize for being an American. The problems are when we deal with a Duncy fact and history are irrelevant.
We end up being an Abbot to his Costello. Therefore put his stupidity to its best use
as a Comedic Prop.


Always On Watch said...

Renior Ducky
Every time I think of Beamish's "painting," I start laughing.

Manson isn't mad (insane)--he is evil. The parallel you've drawn in this title is a good one.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Charles Manson eats 3 meals a day because wimpy Californians got rid of the death penalty.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Got a new pic up for you at my blog, Beakerkin.

Warren said...

I like it when the duck puts on his Nostradumbass hat. Hes been wildly wrong in every one of his "predictions" so far.

I think its a GIGO problem, (garbage in, garbage out). His head is full of garbage.

Kyle said...

Hey funny thing, It used to be years ago, that you could only find left wing jews, (outside of a few economists) Now, everywhere I turn I find right-leaning Jews being outspoken.
Does this mean that the Democrats might lose their stranglehold on that demographic?

beakerkin said...


The answer is yes. There is a showdown between the Commies and the rest of us. B and I disagree where antisemitism is home. I see that malady as a left wing obsession demonstated by the duck and 167 daily.

Mr. Ducky said...

Why would anyone care if a deranged Kahanist like beak called him an anti-semite?

Beak and the rest of the Juden Uber Alles crowd don't have a lot of credibility these days.