Saturday, December 24, 2005

Being a good relative

Those of you who are long term readers know that Drum Master is my nephew. He can be found on Mr Beamish's blog, Esthers and on Warren in addition to mine. I am down for the holidays resting and taking care of my little Buddy.

My nephew wants to see Munich and I loathe Holywood. This would be the last film I would choose to see. However, my duty as a relative comes before my anti communism and hatred of the idiots on the left coast.

The good news is that you can expect an acid bath type review and be spared the expense of seeing it yourself. Unlike our leftist morons I do not review books or movies I haven't seen. That being said when I do see them expect a brutal review of the morons in the Film industry.

The old cycle of violence game is a familiar leftist staple. It is unwise to give quarter to a group of men that would slice your heads off chanting Allah Ahkbar. I am all too willing to help them meet the 72 virgins albeit not exactly the way they intended. The way to win this war is to do exactly what we are doing now. Let the Muslim Supermen know that when you mess with America the price is steep. My country is not France and I thank god every day that real men and women are my brothers and sisters. The game of asymetrical warfare is over. The time of double talk and excuses is over .


Anonymous said...

hey beak!
you must explain why you wouldnt see the film, it was a surprising post. Now I am second guessing myself about seeing it.

Anonymous said...

actually, on review of your post I see already you have answered that question.

Anonymous said...

Far from understanding the monster that is american politics, but the most salient point i ever heard was, concerning all these hollywood types bashing the war/bush etc was that they are sucking the spirit out of the men and women fighting over there. Do these hollywood actors/jackasses actually think they can alter foreign policy?
Warren wrote a post about sean penn that had me laughing out loud,i beleive he actually went to Iraq to "educate".
I recently seen a picture of him in our newspapers crying outside san quentin over the "tookie" thing.Fair enough, but come on,whats next.
Mark my words, next
Then on to the garbage dump dwellers in south america.
Whats thats word....megalomania?

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Fuck Munich, and fuck Steven Spielberg. (Excuse my language, I'll try not to say Speilberg again. Damn, did it again).

What you need to see is One Day in September (1999), which is a documentary about the Israeli team at the 1972 Munich Olympics and the terrorists that attacked them, produced and narrated by Michael Douglas. When you're done watching that, and you're pissed off enough to want to see Israeli Mossad justice in action against the PLO bastards behind the attack, watch Sword of Gideon, which was a movie made for HBO back in the 80s, that tells the story more accurately than S-berg ever could.

Warren said...

I have a problem with movies, "with a message", the message is usually BS.

Attempts to, "socially engineer" people into cookie cutter versions of touchy feely sissies without a drive for survival or a genuine justifiable emotion of revulsion or hatred toward the monsters of the world, are only propaganda.

As Spielberg, morphs into a kinder gentler version of Oliver Stone, I can only feel pity for a person that has fled reality into the comfort of neurosis.

The trouble with these Hollywood "social engineers" is that they are trying to make a difference in a real world. One they don't live in.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Spoilberg lives in his own little world, conveniently located across the street from Lala Land.

Esther said...

The trouble with these Hollywood "social engineers" is that they are trying to make a difference in a real world. One they don't live in.

Damn, Warren. I don't think I've ever read anything so freakin' spot on! Good on you!