Monday, December 12, 2005

The Twisted Left's View of the First Amendment

I am 100% behind the government lawsuit to strip aid from Colleges that deny military recruiters the right to recruit on campus. I would go a step further and eliminate student loans for these Colleges. Let the Chomski wannabe Commies explain to their students that their obsession against the US Military is more important then the students being able to afford tuition.

Academia has gotten a free pass on the First Amendement. Speech codes are facist and taken straight out of the Soviet Union. In the early pages of Ronald Radosh's latest book a US dupe gets informed that Comedy for the sake of Comedy is outlawed in the Soviet Union. The truth is that far left types are loud and often vulgar but seldom funny. In fact these self absorbed self righteous types are ripe for parody. We have had many trolls here and not one of them has ever come up with anything funny.

The far left also feels that Zionists should also have no right to speak . The humor of communist apologists denying anyone a right to speak is comedic. The first amendment applies to everyone but the far left is Orwelian "All animals are equal but some are more equal then others"


Always On Watch said...

I left some info which may interest you in Comments 8 and 9 @

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Esther said...

I'm with ya on this one, Beak. I don't get why colleges are doing this.... just burns me up. What are they so scared of?

Warren said...

Esther, When their whole life is composed of the written word without real life experience, their views become a reflection of their own prejudices instead of an acknowledgement of reality.

They are surrounded by the safe haven of their academic world with only the acceptance of their peers to worry about and the fauning adulation of know-nothing college kids who know even less of history and the real world than their teachers.

They are insulated against reality and insular in their views. They reject classical morality and seek to instill a new "morality". A morality that rejects the real world in a Utopian fashion.

The train of thought runs, war is evil, ergo, war is always evil. Without a military there would be no war, ergo, the military is evil. All the crap about the "don't ask, don't tell", policy is BS. Its just an excuse. Recruiters were not allowed on these campuses long before there was a DADT policy.

In short, they hate the military and in doing so, hate people far better than they will ever be.

Tori said...

just so you guys know, the military is still hitting the high schools quite hard.

I teach high school and during their 20 min study hall after lunch they have a " national school news network". It talks about the news of the day and other things.....point being that every single day there is a commercial for the Marines, and every other day one for the Army and the Navy.

They are really cool commercials and the boys especially are mesmorized (sp?). So maybe if we continue to get kids right out of high school, the commies that are kicking our men in uniform out of colleges can kiss our asses.

Always On Watch said...

Military service is a good choice for many students who need some direction. I have a cousin in that situation. He needs the discipline of serving in the military. God knows he's not doing well in academia.

We're always hearing that 18-year-olds are adults. Well, let them decide if they want to enter military service. Campuses should be open to military recruiters.

Good quote from Orwell, BTW.

tookeesbuttplug said...