Sunday, December 18, 2005

Communism is a mental pathology

I have long known that Communist are a mentaly disturbed cult of stupidity. The left likes to spin tales about blacklist victims. Lost in the mix that Communists were and are proponents of a seditious creed with an established history of mayhem and subversion. Liberals time and again naively believe thet can work with Communists when their interests coincide. However Communists always have ulterior motives and use the liberals for cover.

I am reading the book Red Star over Hollywood and a familiar picture emerges. Communist are a domineering cult where one is not free to have a position that differs from the party line. There is a priceless line where a liberal describes Communists as having stomachs like goats they will digest anything. The liberal was refering to the treason of the left . The Commies formed anti Nazi front groups to attract liberal support. The second Stalin signed a treaty with the Nazis the Commies turned the front groups into Peace front groups. Then when Hitler double crossed his Commie allies the Commies do a 360 and agitate for war. The truth was that Communists took their orders from Moscow.

Amazingly these same Commies like to exagerate the truth with fiction about the Bush family, zionists, IBM etc all aiding the Nazis. However, the truth was the Commies allied with the Germans and occupied eatern Poland , the Baltic states and Finland.
Domestic Communists advocated peace and tolerance only changing their tune when the official party line changed.

The fiction perpetrated in Hollywoods Mission to Moscow and in the NY Times was of a content people. No mention was made of the mass starvation in the Ukraine. No mention was made of the local massacres carried out by the Commies that were eclipsed by those of the Nazis. The Ukrainians initialy viewed the Nazis as liberators and many did colaberate in the Holocaust. I find it amazing that US Communists will pull a Linda Blair and call the Alliance with Hitler a non agression pact. Maybe non agression if you lived in Union Square but Poles , Balts were certainly treated with agression. The truth is Commies can spiin tall PC tales but they were allied with the Nazis until they were double crossed.

Fast forwarding it is hardly surprising that Commie groups set the agenda at the so called Peace Protests. One sees more Palestinian flags then American flags at a typical protest. What Mumia Jamal has to do with Peace protests is unknown. I remember asking liberals at these protests and they were perplexed and some were dismayed by the blatant anti semitism. Others were annoyed at the signs equating Bush to Hitler but not annoyed enough to leave. Most were shocked at the conspiracy talk involving 9-11. However shocked and dismayed the liberals were the cause was more important then the excesses. The problem is those "excesses" are the leaders and organizers of the protests. Liberals fail to understand that the reason cultists dominate these protests is that this is what these vermin do 24/7

The Communists like to portray themselves as victims. Their responsability for the mayhem death and destruction is never adressed. The fact that they practice their sedition in secret via front groups makes them more odious. They refuse to look at the mayhem they caused and even worse deny obvious realities. Cuba, Vietnam are examples of the failures of Communism. China has only made progress by ditching part of the model while maintaining 100% authoritarian hegemony.

Communists were not innocent idealists swept up in the times. They were and still are a followers of a Jim Jones cult of insanity, lies and sedition.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to Gitmo and 167 to the woodshed.


Esther said...

So true. And it is amazing how many people on the left just don't get it. Frightening actually.

eyesallaround said...

I would like to say it's a mental disorder, and maybe it is if one totally disregards reality. They do struggle distinguishing between reality and fantasy, truth and lies... Don't children also have that problem though? Couldn't they just be mentally handicapped?

beakerkin said...

Eyes all around

Communism is a cult and if one reads longs enough you will see that there is a big tent in the GOP. Mr Beamish, Jason , Always and I all have a range of views on domestic issues.

Communists have zero opinions of their own. They repeat whatever the party tells them. I did get a laugh when a blog pest was perplexed why two American did not agree with his insane view the USA was more barbaric then China. Even liberals have their breaking point.

You can not talk facts with Communists. They have created a secular religion and facts and history are irrelevant

eyesallaround said...

Sounds like the same problems Islam has... My husband and I joke that the muslims are all plugged in to the "Borg" mind.. Star Trek III?

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak what demonstration were you at asking about Mumia? That whole thing barely made it out of Philly so I'm curious.

I'm not saying you are a liar, but maybe I am. I'm at least saying that you are incoherent as usual.

beakerkin said...


I have been to plenty of peace protests in NYC and at every last one of them were Commies holdig up Free Mummia signs. What does a cop killer have to do with Iraq ?

Mummia has a show on NPR it is another reason not to give a dime to NPR.

Warren said...

As usual, the Duck doesn't have a clue.

The "free Mummia" BS has been a mainstay of you leftist losers for years. Frankly, I like for you to regurgitate it, (kind of like food poisoning). It helps discredit you lot even further than you already are.

Fry Mummia, Beamish in 08, Ducky to get his meds regulated, electro convulsive thearpy for 167.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

This Beamish in '08 thing is really taking off, LOL.

"Free Mumia" and "Free Leonard Peltier" bumper stickers can occasionally be seen out here in the Midwest, but the real fun comes from pointing out that the same pro-terrorist groups at protests are the same "independent" electioneers shilling for the domestic terrorist organization known as the Democratic Party.