Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Who is Paranoid about phone conversations or Email

The paranoid attacks on the use of wiretaps and emails are quite amusing. Some of us
have forgotten we face two enemies in America. Everyone is familiar with the bug eyed Jihadist shouting Allah Ahkbar as he prepares to slit throats. If anyone thinks that all Muslim terrorist look like dark skinned versions of Jack Elam with a head scarf and a turban they are mistaken. This does not mean that Mustafa at your local news stand is a terrorist. However, a rational policy places Mustafa under more scrutiny then Mr Park my beloved Korean dry cleaner.

The second enemy is the far left who are aiding the Jihadists. Fighting terror is not like fighting the mafia or even the Crips. Organized crime and to a lesser extent street gangs are criminal enterprise. Smacking planes into office towers is assymetrical warfare. We are not talking about a bookie or a prostitution ring we are talking about life and death.

Terrorists do not wear uniforms and are not entitled to any legal protection. In fact once caught in the field they should be sent to Allah. A perfect example is the actions of Germany who quietly traded a convicted terrorist for a hostage. If we need intelligence terrorists are entitled to zero protection. I do not advocate physical torture but humiliation and all psychological warfare is fair game. My problem with panties on the head at Abu Gharib was this was done gratuitously.
If I can get the information I need by doing the same by all means. If the Jihadis do not like Metalica then blast it all day. Put 100 of them in a room and force them to watch Yently and Lifetime movies. Confinement is not meant to be a country club and make them do useless work as in Cool Hand Luke. Farouk dig that ditch and about three hours later tell Farouk " Hey who told you to put dirt in my yard ". The above treatment is familiar to many people who work 9-5 . If it is good enough for many American workers it is appropriate for terrorists.

Many on the left play a disgusting series of games with 9-11. There is the most familiar series of conspiracies invariably blaming jooos for acts carried out by Muslim thugs. Then the next game they play is you are talking about internment. No we are talking about extra scrutiny so that internment does not become what an enraged American people want.

Then the next game the far left plays is "the added security is paving the way for a new type of McCartyite facism". The second group placed under scruitiny should be the far left. The far lefts record of treason and working withC/a>[(2)bases], solo tienes que mandarnos un mail:
Vista nuestra web: para informate y dar tu opiniĆ³n en el foro.

y que viva la PePA!

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Blackagar Boltagon said...

Hey there Beakerman,

There are legitimate gripes about the spying thing concerning the power we give the executive branch of the Fed. Before you dismiss it, think about how you'd feel with that power in the hands of someone you didn't vote for in office.

However, I do look at it like the Patriot Act: I'm not plotting jihad, so I'm not too worried about my "rights." I'm just saying it's worth mulling over. Remember that legislators wanted a limited time frame for the Patriot Act. But will there be a limited time frame for terrorism as a national security threat? So imagine all these apparatuses becoming "institutions" of the future.

Who knows, maybe our privacy concerns will be made moot points in 30 years, when our whereabouts and activities will be permanently monitored (if they aren't already).

I was going to disagree with your statement that fighting terrorism is not like fighting organized crime--but when you look at it domestically, I tend to agree with you.

beakerkin said...

I do not know how the last part got added.I am bilingual but do not post in spanish.

Anonymous said...

Great post beak. People should be aware that when they cross the line and join the "other side", they are no longer considered "US Persons" under FISA. They've kissed their Constitutional Rights goodbye. They have become "foreign agents"... "spies"... "traitors"...and should know they will be treated accordingly.

Lesson to be learned... if Osama calls, best "hang up".


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


You just have to teach me how to put soundtracks in a blog post!

beakerkin said...

Mr Beamish I was hacked I did not place that sountrak in. I glanced and saw spanish language.

This is an amusing stunt.

Anonymous said...

Viva la Pepa! That's what they used to say in Cadiz when they baptised their first constitution.

Seems you were hacked by an organization that is centered around dance music in Barcelona, Spain? For what reasons, I know not.

I give up.


bum from jersey said...

I really do not have a problem with the wiretapping or email scanning. Its not because I am in support of it or even against it in principle, its just my belief its been going on for years now and the government now is just looking to use it against people in a court of law.

Always On Watch said...

What kind of hacking is this? The A-Team in Spanish, connected to dancing in Barcelona? I listened and read (I am bilingual, too).

Could this be some kind of delayed April Fool's joke?


I favor wire-tapping and email scanning of the type I've been hearing. We must be protected from sleeper "agents." If someone here in this country is phoning known terrorists overseas, let the eavesdropping begin. Let's not have another 9/11--for God's sake. I know, I know: over and over I hear of the inevitabilty of another attack. But our government must do everything possible to prevent such an attack, not ignore the internal threat.

Aiding and abetting is what the far Left does. I'm sick of it. Over at Jason's, I put up a somewhat dated list of profs who are into the aiding and abetting.

PS: Just think what Beamish could do with sound tracks to go with his articles! If he adds sound, he should post a notice at the top of his blog to clue us all in to turn on our speakers.

beakerkin said...

Guys I have to admit this is the most ironic post yet. I find great comedic irony that I was aparently
hacked by some comedic genius in Spain.

My opinion has not changed on the subject. Whoever did this has my admiration as this is a great prank.

beakerkin said...

This is comedic genius I can't stop laughing.

Warren said...

The NSA has the technical ability to hack into every communication in the world. But it doesn't have the resources to monitor more than a relative few.

This isn't East Germany where, perhaps, half the population monitored the other half.

To actively monitor a conversation, a real live person, (not only conversant in a given language but actually well versed in the syntax), must listen in real time. Not only once but several times.

I can just see the puzzled looks on their faces when they listen to one of my phone conversations.

"Hello munificent master of mutant machinery", "Hey, Obe Wan, got a couple of buckets for you.", "Yea? Quickies or big ones?", "One of each, Two busted corners and a delaminated tie bracket", "Got any 50/40? And I think I'm low on matting, better check the resin too!", "Ordered the stuff yesterday , pose to be here any time.", "SMC or glass?" , "Glass.", "How we fixed for paper and roll locks?", "No probs! See you tomorrow?", "OK. later on.", (CLICK)

The Constitution is not a suicide pact. While there is a prohibition against "unreasonable" searches and seizures, the very word "unreasonable" gives wide latitude in the cases of treason, sedition and acts of war. In all wars, communications between Americas citizens and it enemies have been intercepted without warrant. Somebody please tell me why this is different.

Tori said...

Honestly, I don't care about anti-torture bills. I say more people need to be like Jack Bauer on what it takes to get the info.

As for the government spying....they aren't listening in on Billy Bob having phone sex with Susie you think Georgie would waste his time? They are listening to potential terrorists or treasonists. Unless you are plotting a jihad on America, freaking relax!

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

You mean the embedded music file was a hack?

Better get to changing your password, Beak.

Still, the A-Team music was funny. And, someone else is paying to host the file, so hell, leave it.