Wednesday, December 14, 2005

167 calls Americans Cowards

167 I want you to repeat the BS on your own blog and on Robs. Show some courage and face the enemy in open forum. Despite your claims nobody has ever had a post deleted from this blog. Nor have I resorted to any use of profanity that is easily found in your illucid blog.

" Justin Cowards are what a very large proportion of the American people are. Shit scared of anything different from their own way... and they resolve that pathetic ( he uses that word in every post) fear through violence and claim that they have the moral authority of god"

You must have America confused with your Islamo-nazi pals.

"...I have never claimed Communism worked ( No you claimed it hasn't been tried yet on the Disgruntled Chemist)and I Never sugested that Communism be given a chance to work... but I will always argue against deranged old idiots like you who see only evil in Communism"

100,000,000 dead seems to offensive to the sane folks. Starving people as policy also tends to offend most people. Gulags and Killing Fields are just not crowd pleasers.

" Iran's elections were given a clean bill of health by the UN and EU"
The Mullahs picked all the candidates. What a fool ?

Why 167 calls both Justin and I old is perplexing as I am likely younger then the deranged 167 . Is he guilty of aqgeism ?

He also gives an idiotic lecture on immigration. Most immigrants are economic regardless of where they emigrate. Most emigration into the USA is on family based petitions. Family reunification is also a major factor in numerous cases. Assylum is a tiny fraction of all cases mostly from his beloved Commie utopias that are gufaw not all evil.

I get about a handful of petitions from West and East Inians leaving the UK for the USA. The same people leave Canada to come here. The people leaving France are Vietnamese and African. Economics, Family reunification or something else is all the subject of speculation.


samwich said...

Beaker, I sent out a new trade report today. Are you getting them?

Warren said...

Its always easy for the deranged to spout nonsense from the safety and anonymity of a computer. Chances are he made harassing anonymous phone calls, (complete with heavy breathing), before he became computer semi-literate!

He just makes the mistake that we are as stupid and self-deluded as his buddies.