Thursday, December 29, 2005

Flynn on Ehrlich and environmento wackos

Flynn has a field day with the high pest of the environmental movement Paul Ehrlich.
What Flynn fails to mention is that former Reds like Norman Finklestein and Joel Koevell have added a decidedly totalitarian mix to an allready deranged movement. The phenomena is known ad the watermelon green, green on the outside and red in the center. When you meet these nuts grap the visine and be merciless.

Flynn recount failed predictions that are based on pure illogic. Starvation of humans in the modern era is tied directly to socialism. If you want people to stop starving toss your Marxism out in the trash. Example after example shows that Capitalism does not cause starvation rather the lack of Capitalism causes starvation.
Avoiding Civil Wars and Anarchy as in Somalia also reduces starvation but good luck explaining that to your friendly neighborhood anarchist.

Environmentalist yearn for a utopia that never was. Preindustrial Revolution lifespans were shorter and there was more starvation . Life was harder and if a man was tiptoing through the woods looking for cuddly woodlands creatures it was to get a meal. Yes tribal people loved animals over a nice fire and those who think otherwise are watching too many Mazolla comercials.

The best way to reduce population growth is you guessed it Capitalism. Yes, when Mom has to earn a check to make ends meet and aford luxuries there are fewer kids. The environmental nuts will screech about population control and a host of doomsday scenerios that miss the point. Capitalists will always find new ways to make a buck and that means feeding the masses. Inovation is a constant in a Capitalist economy and there are always better strains of crops being developed in Universities as we speak each and every day.

Polution is a problem and the reasonable reduction of polution is generaly good. However Flynn points out the areas that were left alone in Alaska after the Exon Valdez spill came back to life sooner then the areas treated by the environmentalists. Flynn also recounts a few examples of domestic terrorism by environmentalists. There are plenty of good reasons why the FBI should watch environmentalists , animal rights nuts and far left groups. Hint Al Queda is not the only group to commit terrorism on US soil.

Flynn corectly describes fow the lunatic fringe has built a religon based upon Earth Worship. The comedic part is that their utopia never existed except in their own imagination. However if Barbara Striesand and company want to leave their homes and become hunter gatherers it is fine by me. Just leave your property to the B Brothers realty before you go. B brothers is Beakerkin , Beamish and Big Bubba a strictly for profit entity.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to Gitmo, 167 to the Woodshed


beakerkin said...


I did visit your site but am having problems with the comment interface. I have a book in my endless stack on Sinclair and the progressive California nutjobs.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I'm always merciless with environmental wackos. Why won't people who believe the Earth is overpopulated kill themselves to make more room?

Always On Watch said...

Flynn corectly describes fow the lunatic fringe has built a religon based upon Earth Worship.
Something is in the back of my mind about the founder of Earth Day. Does anyone recall something about that fellow?

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

It's probably just a coincidence that Earth Day is also Lenin's birthday.

Anonymous said...

One of our local television news reporters was a founder of greenpeace,if not the founder, he recently passed away, he left the organization because it became too radical..{terrorism?}
I agree with your statements.
Thor Heyerdahl sailed the Kon Tiki raft in 1947 to a paradise, through a clean ocean.
Again on a reed ship across the pacific in 67, two decades later,crossing the atlantic on a raft ship of papyrus...I quote.
"We woke up off the coast of North Africa sailing in a soup of glittering oil and asphalt lumps.We sailed out of the oil soup and I told my men that we passed the wake of an oil tanker flushing it's tanks before entering port.
1970-equipped with a dip net we picked up oil clots on 43 out of 57 days.

Esther said...

You make some excellent points there, Beak! And Beamish, you CRACK me up!

Elijah, I didn't know that guy who started Greenpeace died. That's so sad. I thought he left it because they became political (which he wasn't) rather than radical.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Back when New Algeria was France, the Greenpeace 'tards tried to stop them from doing an underwater nuclear bomb test in the south Pacific. They parked their boat at the testing site and finally France told them that the test would commence soon and that they're better move or get caught in the blast.

Of course, France later sank their boat before giving up counter-terrorism altogether (and becoming New Algeria).