Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Focus

I have been stalked by a cyber criminal since my days at FPM forum. I came here because I decided to get away from this criminal and his pathological obsessions.

Most of us play by a set of rules. We write with one name and we are accountable for what we say for better or worse. When one person sets up multiple personas it ruins board integrity. We don't know who said what and it leads to all sort of games and criminality.

At FPM FJ was known as the cyber criminal Socrates. Like Socrates he has multiple personalities and waxes off into philosophical BS that is all cut and paste crap. Socrates had a sick obsession with a poster named Donal. He was hated and despised by all who knew him. Among his classics were "Jews into the Ovens", "jokes about Blacks as slaves", sick descriptions of molestation of children and sexual harassment of female posters.

Fast foward eight years later, I find Joe Conservative making anti semitic comments here. FJ admits one of his aliases is Homer and is still crying about Donal years later. I do not know where this person Donal is or care. I do know that this lunatic with multiple personality disorders has followed me here.

I do not want an apology from FJ.I do not want anything to do with that obsessed escapee from a mental health ward. Now many of you have stated that I should continue doing business as normal and ignore FJ. I have decided to leave this group entirely and find new places to hang my hat.

Let FJ and his sybil act pollute your blogs and start fights someplace else. I am done dealing with him and the blogosphere is big enough that I will make plenty of new friends. I came here to avoid this nut and he followed me here. The Farmer has to do this because he has a series of
warped obsessions. He has no life and needs the attention. Who among us has the time to maintain ten aliases. Sorry, but I got a life to lead

I will not be commenting on your sites indefinitely. I have zero interest in posting on sites that allow one lunatic to spam a board and instigate fights with multiple personalities. Your blogs
your rules and I am okay with this. My blog my rules and we do not want FJ here.

I want to point to the Communist blog Renegade Eye that recently closed. The Farmer flooded that board with about six or seven personalities. The place became a bore and Ren closed up shop. Ultimately, this is what will happen to your blogs if this behavior goes unchecked.


Ducky's here said...

I confess, Beak, my other identity is Bad Eagle.

beakerkin said...


All of play by certain rules. You write under your own handle and we live with it.

I am finnished with the Farmer and his following me for eight years under scores of names. I came here to get away from that crap in FPM.

If you remember John Wayne's last movie the Shootist he talks about the way he lives. I am similar in temperment. I play by a certain set
of rules and expect others to do the same.

I write under one name for better or worse. Every letter is an original genuine expression. I do
not tolerate sock puppet sophistry.

For better or worse Ducky you play
by the same rules. I really give two shits if you like me or not. You have your own honor alongside some really nasty ideas.

You can stick around as long as you like.

beamish said...


I really think you're in a delirium on this.

And, I think you need to cool down, reconsider, and perhaps make an apology to FJ. Because right now, I think you're slandering him.

I've said worse epithets to my Jewish girlfriend of nearly 11 years (in jest) than FJ said to you in sarcasm about AIPAC loyalties, and she still comes around. She knows I'm kidding around with her, and you should know FJ was yanking your chain to get a rise out of you.

For the record, I still believe Ron Paul is an anti-Semite, but I'm not fazed one bit that FJ disagrees with me on that.

But this other stuff, trying to link FJ as the author of what was apparently some vile shit that went down at FPM, I can't follow you there.

It's not the FJ I know.

For that matter, this holy crusade you're launching against FJ based on not even flimsy evidence but non-existent evidence is not the Beakerkin I know.

beakerkin said...

Mr B

As stated above all of play by rules for better or worse. You play by them and I play by them and even Ducky plays by them. Give me your worst we have our fight and laugh about this later.

I left FPM to get away from this type of behavior. There was a cyber criminal who did indeed do all the things I stated and more.
This person created a whole string
of soc puppets that waxed off on philosophy. Does this sounds familiar to you? The criminal left fingerprints as each of us has a unique writing style. As we have one brain even when one writes as a different persona those markers remain.

You heard a glimpse of the truth when FJ was crying about Donal
( his obvious obsession) and Homer
whom I barely remember. FJ and Homer posted at the same time and this is a lie.

I left FPM to get away from mental health defectives bullying people
with sock puppets. FJ followed me here by his own admission and attacked me in an antisemitic manner with a sock puppet. When caught he could have apologized or come clean. Instead he started round two.

Something you should grasp about criminals is they do not answer questions directly. Thus when I asked FJ if he wrote that stuff he didn't say no or come clean.

FJ pretty much asked me the same questions and I responded with ease no.I post with one name and never posted such material. Moreover, my writing style is so unique if I did I would get the chair in seconds.

Farmer John gets no apology and deserves no apology. He attacked me
with a sock puppet in an antisemitic manner unprovoked.
Had he the guts to do it as Farmer John I would have kicked his backside quickly. I did so anyway.

I left FPM to get away from the type of behavior FJ regularly indulges in. He sought me out and not visa versa.

Now I am packing up shop once again to get away from this type of behavior. I have voluntarily withdrawn from any site he posts on
and ask people to respect my wishes.

Those who wish to visit may do so.
We ask that the Farmer and all of his imbecile creations stay away
from this site and not follow me onto the new blogs I will be going to.

beamish said...

I take FJ at his word that he's not the droid you're looking for. I don't think it's a Jedi mind trick.

I have no idea who this "Donal" or "Socrates" is... correction, I think I may have seen Donal post here years ago, but I don't recall anything about him.

I'm blessed / cursed with eidetic memory to the point I can usually read something once and remember it forever (or at least remember where I read it and where on the page it was), so I guess I never encountered what you're talking about.

FJ has stated that he is not the person / commenter that you claim he is (Socrates). Maybe it was cruel of him to make you think he was in his sarcastic replies to your inquiries, but this is really getting to be Kafkaesque.

He shouldn't have to apologize or do penance for someone else's wrongs, nor entertain baseless allegations.

You're going way too far with this, Beak.

Something you should grasp about criminals is they do not answer questions directly. Thus when I asked FJ if he wrote that stuff he didn't say no or come clean.

But FJ is no criminal, nor has he given any reason to doubt his denial of your repeated assertions. To the contrary, he has answered your questions.

You're just not accepting his answers. Gaslight him if you must, but you've got the wrong man.

beakerkin said...

Mr B

There is one problem with your theory. Writing styles are like fingerprints and there is ample evidence that FJ is indeed Socrates.

FJ does not blog for the same reason you or I blog. He is a deeply disturbed individual and the more you know about him the less sympathy you will have in time.

Placing aside the Soc stuff


1) Farmer John uses a puppet to attack a friend.This is not like attacking an enemy or an unknown troll.

2) He then abuses Z site duplicitously with base antisemitic comments as Conservative Joe.

3) He feigns support of this anti semitic attack by quoting Voltaire

4) He is then bagged for his deception. He is asked to come clean refuses and brags he is Socrates.

5) He then denies making any antisemitic comments and proceeds
to play word games with the term
" concentration camp"

There is a normal fight and we have them every day. There are rules that each and everyone of us play by. When one violates the board integrity with sock puppets, especially an unprovoked attack on a friend, this is an uncalled for provocation.

See when normal people fight we come out give it our best and laugh about it the next day. Farmer John fights as a coward and cyber bully. He could have said any of the above as FJ and been held accountable. Rather he invents imaginary allies and ruins the sites integrity. Left unchallenged the place degenerates
into what happens at FPM.

FJ is no criminal. FJ is guilty of plenty and if you read his comments
he states this.

How many posters do you know that bandy gassy philosophy with sock puppets? This is familiar behavior to anyone at FPM and I am convinced the vile material was an attention grabbing stunt by FJ.

I will not ever apologize to FJ as
he deserves no apology. I want no apology from FJ. I want him to leave this site and never return.
I am abandoning all sites that he posts on voluntarily of my own free will.

He followed me from FPM to this site. I came out here seeking a place free of his type of sophistry. I am leaving again to find blogs where he does not post
so that I can be rid of him once and for all.

My sole wish is to never hear from this mental case ever again.

beamish said...

But I too deny that FJ made any anti-Semitic comments... Certainly nothing as egregious as Ducky intentionally does here daily or any other blog he finds to be hosted by a Jew.

I can't talk you out of making a bad call. You're making a bad call.


beakerkin said...

Mr B

Here is the problem with sock puppetry. Farmer John as Joe Conservative makes scores of anti semitic comments that are identical in style and substance to that of the Marxist Duck.

He then turns around and states wait I am Farmer John as Farmer John. He didn't make those statements as Farmer John because if he did we would all be aware the Farmer is a Paulpot.

Once again I point to the Lord Article and the rants about Limbaugh, Levin and so forth being
bought and paid for. These statements are typical standard behavior for a Paulbot.

Of course if the Farmer plays by the same rules the rest of us play by without deception we know he is a Paulbot. His friends recoil at the Revelation that he is a Paulbot
and he loses all credibility.

Now the Duck is quite open about
his views on Marx and so forth. He
states what he is without cloak or dagger and we deal with it.

I respect the Duck, despite his off the wall views. Any comparison
between the ethics of the Duck and the morally perverse Farmer John is an insult to the Duck.

Once again the Duck was at FPM and he is well aware of a certain attention whore lunatic who would
write identical passages in a cut
and paste style.

The problem is that all of us have
a writing style and predictable
pattern of behavior. As we have one brain it is rather easy to know who wrote what. Thus whenever,
FJ or this notorious Troll who did
write the comments he left shared
words and gramatical style. FJ as Shanghai Charlie writing in Chenglish uses identical punctuation style and repeats certain phrases multiple times.

Mr. B it is okay for you to not believe it I didn't want to either.

My nephew who was an early teen and I used to so play a game with the writing styles of this particular loser. When one has scores of samples the game is rather easy. Most of the time the
idiot was well aware to stay away from me because a simple subtle message was enough to let him know I was aware. Unfortunately, one of the last times was decoded by the one and only Jeff Bargholtz. Bargholtz placed the subtle clues together and outed a persona that
this loon had maintained for years
in seconds.

That is the problem with FJ. He has
a need to try and outsmart his foes. However, inevitably he trips himself up by underestimating his foes.

It is quite easy to fool someone
who isn't looking for you. Thus when you hear FJ/Homer ranting about Donal you hear something you have heard stated identically over years. FJ is Socrates and this part
is quite clear.

On a simpler note how many people do you know that write long winded
tracts about philosophy and maintain multiple personas and have an obsession with a woman named Donal. They even whine about people taking her side in identical terms.

Sorry Mr B you have been had. It is okay I didn't want to believe it myself. The evidence is not there and the confession was not made out of sarcasm. It was a gloat
of payback and remember the Farmer followed me here crying about a vendetta eight years old.

Why would you follow someone here
with a vendetta eight years old?

You will learn on your own Mr B.

Always On Watch said...

I will not be commenting on your sites indefinitely.


Well, I guess that the war is over and that you've made your decision, Beak.

I don't know what the truth is as I never participated in blogging before 2005.

You say that Farmer has attacked you, that he is the vile Socrates, etc. Farmer says otherwise.

One thing is certain: Farmer is not that vile troll that we dealt with a few years back.

I hate rifts like this one. But I can't do or say anything to mend it.

beakerkin said...

Actually AOW you can do something.
Ask the Farmer to post under one name at your site. Play by the rules everyone else does.

It is one thing to attack a troll like John Brown. The Farmer did this to Mr B, myself and many of you out there.

He made anti semitic comments as Joe Conservative but claims he is in persona. Stand by your words like everyone else.

If he is going to post as FJ so be it. He can be ignored as a waste of time. I will not waste time on boards guessing who is FJ. It also makes for sites where people are accountable.

Why this person would follow me when I came here to get away from them is known only to Farmer John.