Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Giants Stink

I watched the football games last night and was amazed that were outplayed and managed a win.
The Giants are about to sign Klinger and Major Burns due to all the injuries. At least the Bengals have their players in prison, not hospitals and they can beat us.


beamish said...

Are you kidding me?

Even without the the refs carrying water for the Giants, God couldn't have made the Rams play worse than they did. Ahmad Bradshaw was virtually unstoppable.

Cadillac Williams lost the game in the first quarter when a lateral pass play TO HIM bounced off the side of his helmet and was recovered by the Giants for their 2nd touchdown. Please Steven Jackson, get well soon!!!!

While it was fun to see Eli Manning get sacked alot, it was too little too late. Both teams relied on the running game too much - the Rams because the passes were getting picked off too much, the giants because Bradshaw was a machine....

Don't be so hard on the Giants. They stomped the Rams so bad you could smell it from here.

beamish said...

Then there's this.

Faking injuries for free time outs?

Geez, if the Giants don't wanna play football, move over and let someone else who does.