Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lets do this slowly

Number one. Ron Paul is a national disgrace and his presence in the GOP is disturbing. His prominence in the Tea Party is a debatable point. His son likely has the larger role. He is not the sum of the Tea Party. His acceptance in both the Tea Party and the GOP is an abomination to the principle we hold sacred.

Number Two Political Parties should be open to anyone and the voters should decide.
No in reality the Paul brigade has welcome entryist elements that make a mockery of the GOP principles. I signed on to the party of Reagan was the father of the big tent and welcomed folks into the light. The notion of my party allowing Paul's band of Truthers, White power nuts and anti semites makes a mockery of all things Republican.

Number Three what you witnessed from Joe Conservative was typical Paulist anti semitism. Questioning the patriotism and loyalty of a federal Officer merely because they are a Jew is old school anti semitism.


The Pagan Temple said...

I'll vote for anybody the Republicans run. I want it to be Palin, but I'll settle for Bachmann, Cain, shit I'll even hold my nose and vote for Romney. Or Perry. Shit, you guys can bitch about Ron Paul all you want and whine about how the Tea Party are stealth Democrats and are leftists till the cows come home, I don't give a shit I AM NOT VOTING FOR THAT FUCKING OBAMA AND I'M NOT NOT GOING TO VOTE FOR WHOEVER RUNS AGAINST HIM END OF STORY!!!

Ducky's here said...

It's not your loyalty that's in question but your judgement and critical thinking.

This desperate need you have for recognition and attention, Officer Strutter, is not healthy.

beakerkin said...


As a Communist dedicated to hegemony
of the self described elite you of all people shouldn't talk about judgement or critical thinking. As an advocate and apologist for every
group that seeks the destruction of our Country you project your weaknesses onto others.

I will remind attorneys, who know a tad more than you, about your concerns. You know very little about the man behind the words.

Stick with film duncy. You can only
dream of lives you will never lead
and relevance.

beakerkin said...


I never got around to four.

Reagan was on the left and drifted right. I don't hold where a mans been against them. Much of life is a journey to the present.

If we stayed in the same place we would be cartoons like the Duck.

In the end Ron Paul and his band of psychos losers goes down. We are likely left with Perry or Romney unless Gov Christie runs.

I am an establishment GOP type and am closer in substance to Romney
or Perry. Either is better than the Obama alternative.

I wouldn't dismiss what Mr B says
about Limbaugh so fast. He probably
has a book due if Obama wins again.
The only thing we can hope for is that if Obama wins and is a lame Duck his position is so weakened in Congress that he has to moderate.

Rita said...

Wooo, not sure I want to jump in on the deep end of the pool here since what little I've read so far suggests you have some readers that like to throw some pipe bombs into the room.

First, I consider myself to be part of the TEA party, that being we are not a party at all, but a people with some deeply held set of beliefs. Those being that we will not vote party, we vote beliefs. We are fed up with the outrageous government spending and the nanny state. I don't believe that "they" should keep their hands off my social security, because I don't believe it will even be around by the time I would be eligible to receive it. I'm okay with them cutting my future benefits if it means my inlaws who struggle every month will continue their benefits untouched.

That being said, I've always thought Ron Paul was just a bit of a kook. Then I heard him say that he believed that Iran should be allowed to have nukes and I was, "OH HELL NO." Paul may want to try to convince people he's a TEA Party politician, but I'm not sure anyone who believes in the conservatives principles believe that.

I'm not that excited about the current line-up of GOP candidates, my first choice would have been Mike Pence (IN). But he decided to run for governor. I was then hoping Mitch Daniels would run.

I haven't spent a great deal of time studying all of the positions yet, mainly because our state's primaries are so late in the process, many of these candidates we will not even get to consider. Right now I'd prefer Perry, but I'd have to research more.

Paul? Hell no. I didn't think anyone could be more dangerous to the US than Obama, but after hearing Paul's comments, I'm not so sure that's true.

beakerkin said...


My problem with Paul is that there are people who are just outside decency. I want you to seriously read the antisemitism of Joe Conservative.

Decent people can debate things and
agree or disagree. Still we are united in our common Americanism. We respect the wisdom of the founding fathers and the rights of others.

My issue with the Tea Party and the GOP is the refusal to stand up to the toxic Paulists. I signed on to the party of Reagan, not to sing campfire songs with Truthers, Stormfront racists and Jew haters.

Paul is more of a symptom than a disease. We can and must do better
as Republicans to clean our ranks.

beamish said...

I'm not so forgiving of pasts as you, Beak. If a candidate can be shown to have worked for the election of ANY Democrat at ANY level after 1960, we have to question not just their intellectual capacity but also their loyalty to the United States of America.

Michelle Bachmann should not get a pass for her work in trying to destroy America by electing Jimmy Carter.

Rick Perry's work to get Al Gore elected President in 1988 and his work shilling for Hillarycare in 1993 should give us pause. We don't need a President that could at any moment revert back to being a Democrat and start killing people randomly in a grocery store parking lot. Which, given Perry's former affiliations with the Democratic Party, he's far, far more likely to do than eliminate Social Security.

All you need to know about Ron Paul is that he's a SAVAK / SAVAMA asset, working steadfastly for the Iranian government to bring about the age of nuclear terrorism.

Ducky's here said...

Rita what's the definition of a kook?

Support welfare checks to Israel for eternity and you're mainstream. Question it and you're a kook? That's Beak's objection.

Maybe yours is that Paul takes the Bagger platform to its natural conclusion and you are afraid to admit the platform is insane.

beakerkin said...


As you are a kook yourself you should be familiar with the term?
Lecture Rita with the wonders of Chavez and Castro

Rita said...

Wow Beaker, where did you find such a group of commenters?

Let me assure you that Paul does NOT represent the TEA Party, neither do these ranters who like to post on your site and SAY they are the TEA Party.

Never heard people who believe in the TEA party ever profess to be Truthers, racist or bigots. In fact those people are ushered out quickly. And I CERTAINLY have never heard one of them make Anti-semitic remarks, quite the opposite.

Seems there are some people who like to engage others in their nasty name-calling, but I refuse to take the bait. So, I'll let you have at it with Ducky and his other little bizarre friends.

As for me, I support Israel. Because I never gave Ron Paul much thought, I did not know of his stance and didn't much care. I only heard his comment about Iran and I knew he was a dangerous man.

Rita said...

And as you know, there is no ONE spokesman for the TEA Party. The fact that Paul now claims to be one doesn't make him one as it doesn't whoever the poser Joe Conservative is. Paul's just trying to jump on the latest bandwagon, but I guarantee you that isn't working.

Look up Mike Pence and you'll figure out who the TEA Party represents in the Republican Party. If you can show me one thing he has said that disagrees with your beliefs, I'll concede my point.

beakerkin said...


According to Mark Levin you are correct. Then again the reaction to Obama created the Tea Party movement.

Point made.

Rita said...

Obama just happened to be in office at the time. Many of those in the TEA Party did not agree with President Bush (I will not say I am among them, he presided over the worst time in America), but the conservatives did NOT agree with the first bailouts. After Obama was elected and we no longer had a balance of power, but only a ram-rodding of horrible liberal political ideals did the TEA Party start. I believe it actually started with Rick Santelli rallying cry. It gave rise to the "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore." That is why the TEA Party grouped and rallied. Liberalist like to claim someone I've never heard of named Koch funds us, but I guess my check was lost in the mail.

I'm tired of working to support those who won't. I'm tired of being called "rich" when I make just above the average income because my husband and I have worked hard all of our lives and been able to afford a decent living. I'm tired of liberals who believe they should take my disposable income because they want to spread "the wealth" around. I'm tired that they think I cannot and do not spend my disposable income to help those who CANNOT help themselves. NOT WILL NOT help themselves.

I'm tired of being labeled a racist or a bigot because I do not agree with someone because of their liberal policies. I am tired of being told I cannot pray or say what I believe by the "tolerant" party.

Frankly, I am just plain tired.

I AM the TEA Party. Make no mistake about that.

THIS is who we are.

Your "Joe Conservative" does NOT speak for me. He is neither conservative not someone who believes in the TEA Party values.

beakerkin said...


I actually did attend a few rallies.
I went with AOW in DC and never found the kooks and loons. I went specifically looking and found nothing worse than AACORN sucks.

Paulites may be there but they weren't prominent.

Joe Conservative never existed. FJ
likes to create a band of brothers
to confuse people. FJ has confessed
and rather than do the honorable thing and apologize for the deception he is in a dream world where odd claims about Israel making Gaza into a concentration camp are not anti semitic. Paul intentionally used a word associated with the Holocaust for Israel as Nazi theme.

Farmer John would be better off apologizing but he wouldn't be FJ if he did.