Tuesday, September 20, 2011

WTF New York Magazine

I want to point out that leftists supporters of Obama can get away with murder. On the cover of it has the picture of the bacl of a Black man's head wearing a yarmulke. The cover has the caption Barak Obama The First Jewish President.

I have pointed to the great difficulties and challenges Americans have in doing political cartoons with Obama as President. Anything borderline can and will be viewed as racist, by many. President's from GW Bush to "Ape" Lincoln have routinely been drawn as apes by their opponents. While this is a vile thing to do, this same act done to Obama would rise to the levels of bigotry found in Der Shturmer.

If Barak Obama was drawn by his opponents wearing an Arab Headress, this would be viewed as being produced by racists. The usual cranks life the Cocktail Party Limosine Liberals Geene of Harry's Place would go on endlessly about stoking hatred by claiming Obama is a Muslim. Given the comments of Pastor Wright, his reputation would improve with many if he were viewed as a Muslim. Apparently, Ron Paul and Pastor Wright appear to have the same speech writer, but don't tell the Paulbots the clown is antisemitic.

The fall of Obama in the Jewish community is also due to his incompetence in handling the economy. Plenty of good people are hurting and this includes people of all races and religions.
Obam has zero credibility on job creation and his latest rant on class warfare should make matters worse.

Obama is the most divisive politician of my lifetime. At work, I was careful to say nothing about Obama. A coworker, did do the "if you don't vote for Obama you are a racist bit". Sorry, but this type of thinking is worse than anything seen previously. The notion that I could have my own views and convictions opposed to Obama and his policies was lost on this mindless drone.


Alligator said...

Beak, I don't get the New Yorker magazine, exactly WHAT are they are crediting with Obama doing to equate him as "Jewish"?

Is it because he spends time visiting Jewish communities? Does he go temple fairly often? Does he regulatory participate in the Seder and make national announcements concerning Judaic heritage in the country? Doe he quote Jewish wisdom and proverbs? Has he been to Israel multiple times to encourage and support them? What is it exactly he has done besides take money from some wealthy Jewish donors?

"The cover has the caption Barak Obama The First Jewish President."

This reminds when Bill Clinton was named our "first black president." What a bunch of ridiculous hyperbole the press puts out. Sheer propaganda in both cases. When you have nothing positive to point to, then gin something up out of thin air.

Always On Watch said...

Obama is the most divisive politician of my lifetime.

No doubt about that!

beakerkin said...


New York Magazine is not the famed New Yorker. New York magazine is an upscale magazine that focuses on shopping, arts and so forth.

Obama is losing support across the board. The problem is when you are elected on hope and change and make every problem worse there are limits to patients.

Ok Obama was President when Bin Laden was killed, but the economy is in the dumps and hope is not around the corner.

Ducky's here said...

Good cover grab.

I imagine the issue sold well. Doubt the puff piece was useful.

Ducky's here said...

Obama is the most divisive politician of my lifetime.

No doubt about that!


Yeah, Chucklenuts brought us all together.

beamish said...

Does this mean criticizing Obama is anti-Semitic?

Ducky's here said...

What's up, Beak? The new Islamic art wing opened at the Met.

More dhimmitude but I was expecting a review.