Thursday, September 15, 2011

Doing Fine

There are some of you who have contacted me off line and have inquired about my well being. I am doing quite well.

All of us have things we can deal with and things we refuse to go near. I do not like sock puppets or the psycho lunatics with disturbed personalities that play mind games and ruin the integrity of sites with spam like boring cut and paste statements.

I would sooner trade barbs with the Duck who has a code of honor ( and dreadful ideas) than a manipulative nut job with multiple personalities. I have been arguing with the Duck since 2003 and have never had to censor a comment. He is entertaining and a real person.

I like real genuine people. It doesn't matter if we agree or not give me your best shot I dish it out and we can laugh later. I do not play nor will dignify a response to a sock puppet. Ultimately, it ruins the integrity of a site and in some cases ruin the experience for others.

Front Page Forum had many wonderful people who I enjoyed and are too numerous to name.
Unfortunately, there was a seriously disturbed person with no life that committed a series of disgusting comments with sock puppets that ruined the site for everyone.

I decided to walk away from boards that knowingly permit this type of sophistry. I walked away from this person eight years ago. Incredibly, this person decided to follow me here under another name. I am walking away again and hopefully this time this person will respect my wishes and take his multi personality act elsewhere.

Ultimately all of us need to make ownership decisions about our blogs. The truth is the underhanded antics of FJ were an insult to his friends who did not know who Joe Conservative was and had never condoned anti semitism at their sites. The blog owner in question did not know FJ was also Joe Conservative. This is not a way I treat my friends or will tolerate them being treated at my site. Most of the time we know the air headed creations of the imbecile FJ, but this one flew under the radar of many including myself. A decent person apologizes when caught manipulating people , but this is FJ mental defective cum laude. The comments of FJ as Joe Conservative were as anti semitic as anything uttered by the Duck. Unlike some I do not give those on the imagined right a free pass on anything.

If you allow this sort of sophistry on your blogs you run the risk of needless blog wars. There are times that real nasty spats are necessary. This was an underhanded manipulation of a friendly blogger for no other purpose than the deranged entertainment of a very disturbed individual.
Many of you feel sorry for FJ. However, read in between the lines when he says he will not be blamed for stuff he didn't, do but he has done plenty. Whatever, happened next he started the series of events that unfolded.

All of you need to ask yourselves if having a person behave in this manner is something you want on your blogs. I was done with this type of sophistry at FPM and will not tolerate it here. Those
of you who wish a middle route could ask the Farmer to use one persona at your site, but don't expect him to honor your wishes. I was very clear when I left FPM that I was coming here to get away from this person. He certainly did not respect my wishes to be left alone. I ask FJ who reads this site to refrain from following me to whatever new places I hang my hat. It is very simple to avoid me as I use one name.

Those of you who wish to drop in and discuss whatever are always welcome here as friends. We don't have to agree, just be yourselves.

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