Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Obama Brings out the Worst in Everyone

I am starting to think of Obama as the sum of all idiocy from those who support him and from those who oppose him.

I want to deal with the position of Presidency. The job entails a certain modicum of abuse. Abe Lincoln was portrayed as Ape Lincoln and G W Bush was portrayed as a chimp regularly. If anyone did similar things to Obama they would be branded as a racist.

I grasp that as a Black American a certain type of satire is off limits. Yet to spare him the type of abuse that every other President took is another form of racism. Still I cringe over the low brow racial criticism of him by Dr Yeagley. Obama and his policies are rife enough for satire and good posts. The racial critiques of Obama by Yeagley speaks more to a lack of talent and mental hang ups of the writer than the facts.

I cringe at a recent political cartoon of Obama in a wife beater T shirt and carrying roses. This cartoon speaks to a certain stereotype of Black men. Yet if we portrayed him as an out of touch elitist then it would be the Uppity Black man bit. If we drew him as a platypus it would be considered offensive because he is the product of a mixed race union.

In essence drawing Mohammed probably is easier than drawing a cartoon of Obama.

Obama's supporters are not much better. A critic of Richard Nixon was reminded that Nixon did save Israel and was viewed as a friend by Israeli leaders. The membership of Obama in an anti semitic church for two decades and having close friends like Bill Ayers and Rashid Khalidi should
have told us what we needed to know. Today's Israeli leaders do not view Obama as fondly as Nixon.

While Obama does not personally act as an arsonist his allies like Biden and Union loons do act as arsonists.

Obama has the unique ability to bring out the worst in everyone and needs to go.


Always On Watch said...

I cringe at a recent political cartoon of Obama in a wife beater T shirt and carrying roses.

I don't see it that way. Apparently, I don't see "race everywhere."

It looks like a b'ball shirt to me. And Obama is well known for loving to shoot the hoops.

Ducky's here said...

No, it's a wife beater.

Always On Watch said...

I looked up the history of the word. Who knew?

Anyway, Dad wore athletic shirts (the term I DO know) and didn't beat anyone.

Now, if the shirt had stains on it, THEN it would be a wife-beater shirt -- according to the research I did yesterday.