Monday, September 12, 2011

What you witnessed here was naked Paulism

I want to point out that my opposition to the Insane Paul Posse revealed stuff that confused many of you. I am for a Republican Party that stands for something. Our party is the party of Reagan, not Truthers, Racists and Jooo obsessed freaks.

I want to point out that accusing a Jewish Federal Officer of dual loyalty is the normal Paulist mode. The fact that I object to Paul and his idiotic comments on the middle east in the mind of a Paulista loon. Those who object to Paul's rants calling Gaza a concentration camp and Israel defending itself are AIPAC subversives. Obviously, Mr B, AOW, Z and the numerous non Jews who support Israel are dupes of the Jews.

This sounds exactly like the rants of our communist Duck. This loon calls himself Conservative but sounds like the Duck. When the Duck rants about Likudnicks and Kahanist this is identical to the Paulist view of Jews as subversive.

I will direct those who view Paul as anything other than a nut to read the Jeff Lord article and response to a Paulist critique of the article in the American Spectator. You will witness the rant about the owners of the Spectator. This Paulist rant seems identical to rants found on This is part of the conspiratorial mindset.

When dealing with Ron Paul remember he ran for the Liberterian nomination against the icon of the far left Russell Means. Whatever, means is he is clearly not a Conservative and we can get into circular arguments if AIM is a communist front group. This is not a dedicated mainstream member of the GOP.

You heard some angry rhetoric about Limbaugh, Levin, Hanitty and so forth not being real conservatives on planet Paul. Sorry, but even Bachman typically credits Levin as an inspiration.
What we read from Joe Conservative is a Paulist rant that is typical of the deceptive practices of the Paul brand of lunacy.

Those of you who think my take on Paul are exagerated encouraged to read the Lord Article in the spectator.


beamish said...

I think it's telling enough that neo-Nazi / white supremacist websites virtually monopolize the pro-Paul content to be found on the internet.

I don't have to explain that. It speaks for itself.

Alligator said...

Paul is a lot like Jeremiah Wright. Essentially their mantras are the same "Americas chickens have come home to roost." How conservative is that?

Paul blames Americans killing "hundreds of thousands of Iraqis" as to why we are targets of Islamic radicals. Excuse me? Where does he get the figure that we killed hundreds of thousands? Moveon or HuffPo? Mayber he's talking with Paul Krugman?

How does he explain all the terrorist strikes against the US before we invaded Iraq? How does he explain the rape and murder of Christians by Muslims in North Africa and Pakistan? How does he explain Muslim terrorism in India and the Philippines? You could fill a book with examples that would repudiate Paul's over simplistic and naively dangerous view of radical Islam.

Beamish you are right. I've scratched the surface of several Paul supporters and found a neo-Nazi or white supremacist. I've also noticed that when there is a poll about Paul, those guys seem to turn out in droves to "stuff the ballot."

Jesse Watters interviewed him on FOX and asked if he would do anything to try and stop development of nuclear weapons in Iran. He said he would sit down and talk with Ahmadinajad and Iran was a sovereign nation that had a right to develop nukes and we had no right to butt in their business. Unbelievable. I guess Paul would act if they set one off in America, but probably would do nothing if it is in Israel.

Ron Paul - apologist for Islamic terrorism. Nice.

beakerkin said...


I did see a video on you tube with Paul speeches and Pastor Wright after each other. This is not a conservative and his followers are creepy.