Monday, September 21, 2015

The Dumbest Man in Professional Sports

JPP of the NY Giants wins this hands down. Awaiting a 15 million dollar a year contract he decides to play Willie Coyote and blows off part of his hand. Rather than be forthright he hides the condition and does not work with the medical staff. He might step on the football field but he is not an elite althlette anymore.

At this point JPP deserves to be cut. His whole behavior has been injurious to the team. We should take the fifteen million and give it to Eli and a signing bonus
And reduce the burden of his contract.

There are those who will give credence to maturity issues. Over time JPP can be forgiven unlike Tiki Barber. I never bought the crying act after the fumbles. His treatment of his QB and coach were classless. Okay JPP was immensely stupid but he certainly did not do this maliciously. He was fun to watch but screwed up.

The Giants have no pass rush. Perhaps Moore is mentally with JPP. The First Pick in the draft is looking good. I would trade Eli to the Bils for their number one pick. The team needs a total rebuild and winning four games with Nassib makes more sense.

Hire Bill Cowher.

In the meantime Preston Parker needs to go. The drops and wrong routes are not funny. If someone hasn't signed Corey Washington bring him back.

Dahl may be a coaches favorite but he has to go.

Now some of you noticed in one part I said to trade Eli and in other parts I mentioned keeping him on a more friendly
Deal to the salary cap. If management thinks they can quick fix the defense fine. If not rebuild.