Friday, September 04, 2015

Racism of the Duck

One can see the not too subtle racism in the Ducks statement of incredulous astonishment when I state the gulf states and Iran should settle Muslim refugees. The Christian refugees should be granted Asylum. The Druze can settle in Israel or Lebanon.

I get these high handed lectures about the nature of Islam. They will spend thousands killing each other in senseless
Wars but the cost of the refugees is now the burden of European taxpayers. There were refugee camps in Europe after WW2. But the refugees were resettled. Israel deals with refugees each and every day. Many of these refugees are fleeing Jew hatred from Muslims and far left governments. Contrary to the lies of the Timmerman family they were


Ducky's here said...

"They spend thousands killing each other in senseless wars ... "

I assume you mean America and our policy of projecting military power in the mid-East which really got perfected under Kissinger.
In fact under Kissinger this became it's own raison d'etre.

But Beak will continue to live with his cliches.
"Israel deals with refugees each and every day."
Deals well? In the case of Ethiopians not so well, right Beak?
Or is it that you really don't know much about Israel?

At any rate, Beak is going to explain why he expects a country like Bahrain to accept Shia refugees when America backed Bahrain's Sunni dynasty over the Shia majority in a recent uprising.

I don't mean to say your naiv, Beak but you are rather unaware.

beakerkin said...

Spoken like a true commie. Arabs kill themselves blame Americs or the Jews but never hold Arabs responsible for their own wars.

Which Ethiopians are you talking about. They are certainly better off than Arabs at any number of camps. They probably experience similar annoyances to those unwashed brown people European lefties pass in the slums and hand a welfare check.

Iranian and Gulf proxies fight a war and stick their refugees in Christian Europe. Arabs need to settle their own refugees.

If you can't settle your co religionists it speaks volumes about the religion.

Mike's America said...

There is a genocide going on in Syria. Did Ducky not see the picture of that 3 year old boy who drowned as his family tried to escape?

Or does Ducky just believe the boy should be cut and up his body parts sold to fund Planned Parenthood?

The genocide in Syria is a consequence of INACTION on the part of the world community and most especially on the part of Obama who has abdicated our moral leadership.

Ducky's here said...

Mike, don't be an ass.

Only a rabid right wing freak would attempt to connect the tragedy of that boy's drowning with Planned Parenthood.

If you are unaware (almost a certainty):

1. As a result of the doctored tapes several states investigated Planned Parenthood and found NOTHING.

2. Congressional Teabags tried to defund and got their heads handed to them.

3. Planned Parenthood does not profit from supplying the tissue for medical research (something you apparently oppose).

What would you have us do in Syria, invade?
Maybe we can take a lesson from Saint Ronnie Raygun and his outstanding effort in Beirut.
What the hell are you talking about, moral leadership? We gave up any claim to that when you neocon buttheads invaded Iraq under Chucklenuts Bush.

Pitch till you win Mike. More proof that the Republican party is completely batshite crazy.

Who's your man, Carson or Cruz? Idiot.

beakerkin said...

As a Matter of fact ISIS grew because of the Obama retreat from IRAQ. Any candidate in either party is better than Obama the Marxist imbecile.

Democrats should have opposed him. His idiocy
Led to two slaughters in off years. Grasp what a hallow victory Onama has created.