Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Dark Ages

The refugee crisis is exacerbating the end of Europe. The continent will not didappear. However, the era of cradle to grave entitlements and open doors will end. Europe will find itself beset with high crime. The era of light prison sentences will likely yield to something more American in style. The Jews will flee first. Those with money will flee to Australia or perhaps Russia. America was given a bullet to the head by the Obama policies. We will find that Obama has damaged the country more than its enemies could.

By 2100 nuclear exchanges will have destroyed this formerly great planet. The architect of this soon was the far left that allied with Nazi theocratic thugs. Saying that a people who are intolerant of their own coreligionists and inhuman to others is a cultural variant is part of the game to usher in the bankruptcy of Capitalism.

Capitalism itself was never the problem. The problem was socialists expanding social programs and killing business. Mourn not for the arrogant know it all sin the EU. Mourn for a planet less free by those who endangered our future for political points.


Always On Watch said...

Grim, but accurate.

Always On Watch said...

Except that it may occur a lot earlier than 2100, IMO.

Ducky's here said...

You seem t have two "ideas" expressed in this rant, Beak. Let's look at them.

1. The Iran agreement (I assume) is a prelude to nuclear holocaust. But you tie that, apparently to the bankruptcy of capitalism.
Now how slowing nuclear proliferation causes either is something you need to expand. As it stands you seem foolish and just another AIPAC tool.

2. Europe will go bankrupt admitting refugees.
If you are paying attention (doubtful) and not channeling your friend Pam "the Fanatic" Geller you would realize that the people who made the trip are young, motivated and often educated. The Germans expect them to be entrepreneurial and a useful addition to the current aging workforce.
They represent much less than 1% of the work force and can easily generate much of that in additional growth. So the expense argument is wrong and just indicative of bigotry.

Please note that they will be productive like their counterparts in the U.S. as opposed to say Guyanans who bring shootings and EBT dependence. Now who i more likely to be a productive worker, a grateful Muslim refugee or someone like Cheekie raised to be an entitled welfare queen.
The job market is opening up. Your mate looking for a job or have they all settled in to the welfare lifestyle? What ever happened to Sprite? She still in school?

beakerkin said...



beakerkin said...


When some alien race digs up our remains the destruction of the planet was caused by Obama who was elected with media malfeasance and white guilt poorly placed on a person who was mostly white.

Ducky's here said...

Nice dodge, Beak. Let's try again.

1. In what way does the Iran agreement increase the probability of Iran obtaining a nuclear device. As I see it, you believe the "solution" is to let the Likud punks attempt a bombing mission even though they have minimal history of flying into hazards. Unarmed Gazans are more their speed.
Do you really think that mission would be a success? Because if it fails, Iran is on a hard course to a weapon and so is Saudi. You feel lucky, punk?

I believe the agreement is our best bet at stopping the development and gaining solidarity with other powers on this issue.

2. Which immigrant groups have been more successful in America, Iranians and Arabs or Caribbeans?
I say that Muslims have achieved more often and are far less likely to go on welfare and get involved in drug dealing and crime than Dominicans, Jamaicans or Guyanans.
Middle east immigrants are also not likely to be involved in terrorism despite what you and Geller think. The threat comes from some first generation and most likely from native converts.

May I have a reasoned response?

beakerkin said...

I do feel lucky enough to end this. Simply put anything happens with any nuclear mishap and all of Iran and Saudi Arabia get radiated. No more pillgramage. The Pseudostinians need to pack up before the exchange and should all settle in Norway.

End of the planet just like beneath the Planet of the Apes. Only the Jews play Charlton Heston
and lefties are Apes.

If Saudi Arabia is getting a bomb it isn't to target Israel. Don't be so certain that Israel doesn't have a deal for refueling.

Did we mention they also have ballistic missiles on subs.

beakerkin said...

In generation two or three the West Indians become solid citizens. If anything West Indians are more successful than other minorities and use the racial quotas lefties provide.

If you are claiming that Muslims are not prone to crime as others you are mistaken.

Your comments are racist and misinformed. African Christians in many cases also take those quota spots as well.

Ducky's here said...

You would launch a unilateral nuclear strike?

That's absolutely insane.
Even more so that you think there would not be serious repercussions.

Really insane.

Ducky's here said...

Is your girl friend working?

beakerkin said...

Iran plays a deadly game whereby its proxies wage war on Israel and it clings to plausible deniability. Any nuclear weapon hits Israel the entire nation of Iran gets leveled. The Holy Places of Islam also become a nuclear wasteland.

Obama goes down in history as the most inept Person ever to lead a major country.

Always On Watch said...

It seems that you have zero problem with the annihilation of Israel.

Maybe I'm misreading you, but such is the impression you are giving.

Ducky's here said...

On the contrary. I believe the agreement benefits Israel but lets do it your way.

1. No agreement -- Iran continues developing a weapon and nuclear proliferation in the mideast possibly ensure.
Now you can disagree but it is not unreasonable to see that as the result of refusing the agreement.

2. Europe refuses the migrants --- Refugee populations in Lebanon and Jordan grow to the point where they destabilize both states. A very real possibility.

So I don't believe the so called "left" position on the current mideast situation can be dismissed as anti-Israel.