Saturday, September 05, 2015

The Left and BS rhetoric

When police are executed, lefties become free speech partisans. They are free to rationalize exhortations to extreeme
Criminality, but go near any of their sacred beliefs and you will find yourself suspended or threatened with discipline. Question whether race and gender should be a factor in hiring and admissions and you might find yourself
Branded a white supremacist. Point out some ugly realities in Islamic history and you might have protesters at your door for a decade.

Policemen just happen to be turning up bullets as an Obsma approved racial hate group starts loudly calling for violence against cops. Of course Obama could show actual leadership and talk of rational discourse, but that would be
The actions of a genuine leader. We are stuck with the Socially Promoted Preppie Diversity Hire Barney Fife. Sorry but any look at his bio shows this is Dramatical fighting of windmills rather than substantive life experience angst.

Despite what the far left tell you, Black people want good jobs, safe streets and schools that function. The ones I know and are part of my life are just as bothered by street crime and a lousy job market because they are on the front lines of those maladies. I sit with a buddie from work laughing at my being profiled multiple times by Vermont Police. It was so bad the police knew where I kept my title and registration better than I did.

In all truth the experiences of being stopped asked dumb questions was annoying. Yet there was never any inclination that I should be disrespectful. Why are you at KFC? JPs is closed, I eat in the back table regularly. You regularly eat there. Six days a week, I even come on my days off, it's like home. The officer in question had observed me eating there multiple times and joking with the family that owns the place.

When asked to assume the position I did so. Captain Crunch, diet Mountain Dew and Charmin. Are you sure there's nothing in that Dew. Nothing but pure cafine and chemicals. Do people really mix it with alcohol. Captain Crinch what are you 8. You got any guns. Nope and no drugs either. Roll up your sleeves. Got nicked by Black Fly. It sure is frustrating but my non hostile gentle responses let them understand they have the wrong guy.


Mike's America said...

And the left is free to refuse to uphold ANY law they choose and it's called a courageous decision. Take sanctuary cities, immigration law and pot smoking in Colorado as examples.

But let a Christian stand on her beliefs in Kentucky on the issue of marriage and she's told she has to follow the law.

beakerkin said...

Obama calls any law he likes settled

Ducky's here said...

What law is broken by declaring a "sanctuary city"? I'd love to read it.

Pot is legal in Colorado. What's the issue?

Kim Davis defied a court order. You defy a court order and in this case the religious freaks start comparing her to MLK.
It's sad.

Ducky's here said...

@Beak -- When police are executed, lefties become free speech partisans.
Huh? That makes absolutely no sense.

@Beak -- Despite what the far left tell you, Black people want good jobs, safe streets and schools that function.
Who has said otherwise? Once again your sounding like a loon.

How many times were you pulled over in Vermont? There's more (or less) to this story than you're admitting.