Wednesday, September 16, 2015


I gave my nephew a stupid gift. On both events at the WTC I was wearing a NY Yankee Jersey. I refer to it as the cursed shirt. It was tucked away deep in my closet. I never take it out or wear it. My nephew calls it the good luck
Shirt. He wears it all the time and calls it a Lucky shirt.

I prefer never to see the shirt again. However, it is a genuine Jersey that costs more than one hundred dollars. There is no logical connection between the shirt and those experiences. I never wore it again after 9-11. When my nephew asked for it I was perplexed.

Then again in another era hand me downs were more common. I had plenty of clothing from siblings. I even reluctantly
gave my brother one shirt I got as a giveaway when the Yankees were still playing at Shea. I remembered watching in awe as Catfish Hunter, Bobby Bonds, Thurman Munson and others took the field against the As.

It is pretty odd that my nephew sees the same item as lucky. Perhaps our perceptions to a certain extent are subjective.

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