Friday, August 28, 2015

Gay Black Killer Huge Obama Fan

Every time there is a mass shooting the left tries to tie the crime to Fox or talk radio. Well now we have a gay rainbow flag waiving Obama fan as killer lets extend the inane Obamunist logic further.

This particular nut was so race obsessed he thought serving watermelon was a hate crime. We serve the stuff daily in my house with fried chicken and okra. Okra is a major vegetable that is everywhere in Guyana and enjoyed by all regardless of race.

Following this logic my boss who isn't Jewish is racist for serving Chinese Food and Pizza at our meetings. He made references to Kool Aide which are obvious code word for dumb Guyanese even though only stupid Americans drank the stuff and died in Guyana.

I want to point out Gays are far and away the most discriminated against in my workplace. Yet amazingly Black people who go to far lengths to bash people for imagined racism are among the worst offenders dropping slurs and gay jokes that are mean spirited. Nor have I ever seen an instance of gay people being hyper sensitive to inclusive humor. Inclusive humor are those jokes intended to laugh at human nature. Coworkers were joking that the man always gets stuck with the check so gay men pay twice as much to avoid fights. There was a picture of a smiling Bill Clinton in between two gay men at work. I pointed out he never smiles like that when Hillary is around. Coworkers of all descriptions were on the floor laughing. Gays were looking forward to the skit where I was mistaken for gay in a training video.


Ducky's here said...

Normals are looking at this as a situation where a clearly disturbed individual gets easy access to a gun and whether there is anything that can be done about it.

But with Beak we get a rambling discourse that makes no sense whatsoever.
"Following this logic my boss who isn't Jewish is racist for serving Chinese Food and Pizza at our meetings."
What logic? You have some okra at home and that maps to the shooters delusions?

beakerkin said...

Let's see there is no actual evidence the Palestinian who killed was mentally disturbed.
When a kid with a bad haircut killed the left blamed the confederacy. Now the left should follow suit and address Hyper racial paranoia.

Always On Watch said...

Flanagan was a product of the Grievance Industry.

beakerkin said...

Ducky is the CEO

Always On Watch said...


Mike's America said...

"Flanagan was a product of the Grievance Industry."

I would give AOW another Gold Star except some left wing affirmative action nut would claim she has had enough already.

At the Daily Caller I saw two headlines linking this all together:

Black Lives Matter protesters chanting for more dead cops.

Black guy in Texas kills a cop.

Obama, Holder, Sharpton whipped up this tornado to keep attention off Obama's poor economic record in the black community. Now the Genie has escaped.